Baby Does The 'Shmoney Dance' Made Famous By Bobby Shmurda On Vine

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The "Shmoney Dance" craze continues as a little girl showcases her skills which dancing to Bobby Shmurda's "Hot Nigga."

The little one is seen getting her grove on in the car as the song plays in the background with another child singing the lyrics in the background.

The Vine has seen over 500,000 loops and Shmurda himself has climbed back to the top of the Billboard Emerging Artists Charts.

His song "Hot Nigga" also got a reggae remix courtesy of Junior Reid, Jah X, Mavado and Popcaan lend their vocal talents.

"Though the song's beat bears little in common with most reggae and dancehall, all four artists complete shred on this version of 'Hot Nigga,'" says

Head over to to listen to the track.

Watch the hilarious and adorable Vine below.