Supergirl Season 2 Episode 22 Review/Recap: An Epic Finale

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Supergirl's season 2 finale just aired and it's an epic conclusion to this story arc. Don't worry though, the series will be back for season 3 as a small tease for the next villain was revealed.

As you may know already, Central City is in the middle of a Daxamite invasion headed by Queen Rhea (Teri Hatcher). In the last episode, Rhea has Superman under her spell as he faces off against Supergirl.

This episode starts off with an epic Supergirl vs. Superman fight. Rhea explains that she used silver kryptonite to get Superman under her spell.

Superman sees General Zod instead of Supergirl in front of him and they fight hard. Sadly, Zod himself doesn't appear for real. It will be cool if the character ever appears in Season 3.

The fight is excellent as the two punch each other like crazy. It's the type of fight that you would normally see in a Hollywood movie.

It's really good even though it doesn't last long. In the end though, Supergirl bests Superman in combat. After the fight, the two recuperate at the Fortress of Solitude thanks to Alex taking them there.

As they awake, they go into the Krypton archives to find out one way to get rid of Rhea and her soldiers. A one-on-one fight to the death will make sure Rhea goes away.

Mon El doesn't like the idea, but Superman says Supergirl has to do it. She beat him in combat so she's the strongest person on Earth.

Queen Rhea agrees to the one-on-one fight based on Daxam rules. However, they know that Rhea might not keep her end of the bargain. Lillian Luthor reveals a device Lex was working on.

He wanted to make Earth uninhabitable to Kryptonians. Lillian asks her daughter Lena to tweak the device so that it makes Earth uninhabitable to Daxamites.

Supergirl agrees to use the device, although she will lose Mon El in the process. Mon El says Supergirl will have to use it if Earth is in danger.

Rhea and Supergirl meet up on top of a building to have their duel. Again, the fight is epic as both ladies are punching with all their might.

Not surprisingly though, Rhea tells her soldiers to keep attacking Central City. It looks as if nobody can stop the Daxamite invasion now.

At this point of the episode, it's cool to see the other characters helping to defend the city. Mon El finally gets to fights someone while Superman helps out too. The team of Martian Manhunter, M'Gann and some good White Martians contribute as well.

Sadly, Jimmy Olsen's Guardian didn't have a chance to suit up in the finale. It doesn't appear as if the Daxamites are giving up so Supergirl detonates the device that kills most of them.

Several of the soldiers die including Rhea herself. The rest of the Daxamites leave planet Earth alone.

Mon El is able to survive a bit longer as he has been living on Earth for several months. However, he has to leave Earth for good in order to live. Melissa Benoist does some great acting skills as she says goodbye to Mon El. She was able to produce actual water in her eyes. Mon El leaves in a spaceship to go someplace else. Supergirl/Kara is left with no boyfriend. Kara is feeling sad since everyone else has a mate.

Alex and Maggie are getting married while J'onn and M'Gann have reunited. Cat Grant tells Kara not to feel too depressed. Kara leaves to fly as Supergirl.

The episode/season finale ends with a Season 3 tease. It seems as if the next bad villain will be from Krypton. We see a sequence from 35 years ago of a spaceship going to Earth. Who could it be?

Overall, this episode was excellent and is easily the best one of Season 2.

Melissa Benoist did the best performance of her career and the high production values made this episode look like a Hollywood blockbuster. Hopefully they are able to carry on this momentum for Season 3.

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