Arrow Season 6 Finale Episode Description Teases A New Ally

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Arrow's sixth season is still ongoing and the finale isn't for another few weeks.

We recently received the episode description for the episode just before the finale and now a description for the finale itself has also been released, teasing a new ally that will help in the final battle against Ricardo Diaz.

Ever since Diaz took center stage as the main villain after killing Cayden James, it has been all but a foregone conclusion that Oliver and Diaz would be squaring off in a final showdown in the upcoming finale.

There's still plenty to happen in the next couple episodes before that finale, but now we have a little description of that episode from The CW that is titled "Life Sentence."

“THE EPIC SEASON FINALE OF ARROW — With a new ally on his team, Oliver (Stephen Amell) engages Diaz (guest star Kirk Acevedo) in an epic final battle. James Bamford directed the episode written by Wendy Mericle & Marc Guggenheim.”

As we said above, we knew that Oliver and Diaz would face off in the finale in a final battle, but the intriguing part here is that a new ally will be on his team.

The most likely scenario here is that this new ally will be Black Siren that has turned over a new leaf.

You almost have to wonder if perhaps Diaz will do something to her Earth-1 father Quentin to force her to finally join the good guys.

Maybe this is all misdirection and she won't be turning good here, with it being someone else being an ally.

We already know that Caity Lotz will be returning in this episode as Sara, but that wouldn't really qualify as a "new ally." If that is all this means, that would really be a big disappointment.

Hopefully we'll get the chance to see Earth-2 Laurel and Sara team up with Oliver here to take down Diaz finally in the finale when it airs on May 17th.

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