iZombie Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Goon Struck

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Coming off a very fun two parter, iZombie followed it up with a hilarious brain in the episode titled "Goon Struck" that moved multiple of the major plots forward.

There was some layering of the plots like the series is always very good at, along with one that was mostly separate until the end.

The main plot with Liv and Clive this episode centered around four bodies, three zombies and one human, that are brought to the morgue by Filmore Graves soldiers.

She ends up eating the brain of the human that was a hockey player named Gordie, which she naturally eats in poutine.

This brain leads to Liv starting to act like a hockey player with the goon mentality, which is downright hilarious.

Her and Clive go to where some of his teammates were practicing and gets in on the game, which leads to her getting her tooth knocked out. This led to some great running jokes throughout the episode as well.

While interviewing other hockey players, Liv gets a vision of Gordie being beat up by a guy named Levon. They end up finding him and interrogate him.

In this interrogation, they learn that fight was from three years ago and both him and Gordie have put that past them.

He also reveals that he is a zombie as well, with him seeming to have a bit of a connection with Liv I have a feeling we'll see in future episodes, especially with it ending up that he worked for Renegade as well.

Liv eventually gets another vision, where it is revealed the killer is actually Blaine. This was a result of the people he killed at the laundromat when he was going after Renegade last episode, so they bring him in to interrogate.

They aren't able to get much info out of him, but he does slip that it was at a laundromat when they didn't tell him that info yet.

However, Peyton shows up to reveal that they have to let Blaine go as Filmore Graves had someone confess to doing it, which was obviously BS.

One of the big plots of the episode also had Chase Graves fighting with the idea of having to execute Renegade. He doesn't want to do it, but he keeps getting pushed as they are running low on brain tubes.

Peyton also had a bit of a sideplot that started off early in the episode where people were complaining about a bus driver they accused of being a zombie. She told them they could not discriminate against him and talked to him in private after.

He admitted that he wasn't getting enough to eat from the brain tubes, and his family wasn't eating either. She gets his address and says she will make sure some extra rations get sent to his house.

Later in the episode however, Peyton finds out that a bus with him driving crashed after he passed out due to giving his rations to his family instead of himself.

Upon crashing, he went full zombie mode and ate brains from passengers on the bus until a passenger with a gun shot him. This really hit her hard, with her talking to Chase Graves about it.

This pushed forward the idea that Chase had to make an example of Renegade that he was being pushed to do all episode, leading to him unfreezing her and doing a public execution with the guillotine. You can tell he really did not want to do it, but really had no choice with the people around him.

Before this episode, you really almost saw him as a villain this season, but here you actually see another side of him, even though he did something so horrific.

We also see characters like Liv and Peyton reacting to this happening, which ends up having Liv go up to Levon and tell him they're going to continue Renegade's smuggling themselves.

Another plot was introduced early on completely out of the blue where Major and Don E. are driving outside of Seattle, with it ending up that they went to take a girl that ends up being the daughter of a general.

It ends up that they were told to get her and bring her back, but she was a party girl and ends up ODing in the motel they are in, which leads to Major having to turn her.

At the end of the episode, it is then revealed upon their return with her to Seattle that the plan by Chase Graves was to get her in the city, as she is the daughter of the general that wants to try and nuke Seattle.

With her inside, they are hoping that buys them some time.

"Goon Struck" was a very fun episode had a lot of running plots that worked well for the most part.

The whole bus driver plot was a bit random compared to the rest that were connected, but it still wasn't too bad.

Sadly there will be no episode this coming week, but it will return next week with yet another as we are less than halfway through the season.

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