Kid Cudi Releases New 'Speedin Bullet To Heaven' Information: 98 Percent Done

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After teasing fans with massive information on his upcoming album "Speedin' Bullet To Heaven"(SBTH), Kid Cudi has finally released new details and says they should expect the album and single soon.

"Sbth is 98% finished, You will hear the first single before the end of the month," tweeted Kid Cudi after getting fans attention with a tweet that read "stay tuned" with a devil emoji.

Cudi teased massive details about the project earlier this week and now it's finally here. From the looks of it, fans can expect "Speedin' Bullet To Heaven" very soon as Cudi also said that the album is 98% done.

"I produced every record myself, the only other person involved creatively production wise is Plain Pat," Cudi continued in his tweeting session. So it looks like fans will get to see the full genius of Cudi's artistic mind.

Cudi also said that the album will not consist of any electronic or synth sounds, but it does contain guitar and bass played by himself.

He says that it's the purest form of himself which might be more than enough for eager fans.

"I've ripped my heart out and carved it into tiny pieces of musical madness," he continued, "I dont care who you listen to. Im the best. Happy 4th, I love you all, peace and love. Thank you for your attention."

So, it looks like fans will be getting a dose of new Kid Cudi music before the month is out and definitely be seeing "Speedin' Bullet To Heaven" soon after. There has been no release date issued but this is huge news for fans.

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