Something Strange Happened After Jorge Got Busted for Drugs

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If Anfisa was upset about Jorge's financial ruin before, she's going to be even more enraged now. A couple of weeks ago, according to TMZ, Jorge was arrested for possession of 293 lbs of marijuana. Jorge was charged for possession of marijuana for sale and transportation of marijuana for sale.

and transportation of marijuana for sale. After spending two nights in prison, he was released on $25,000 bail.

Woah, $25,000? Now that's a hefty sum of money that's going to keep Anfisa from getting the jewelry, clothes, car and house she's always wanted.

In other Anfisa, and Jorge news, these two are shockingly, still together despite the fact that they stopped filming for TLC several months ago. 

According to In Touch, Jorge also made a statement about the charge, noting:

"The only thing I can confirm is that I was arrested on Feb. 7, and I was bailed out by my wife two days later. Other than that, due to the delicate nature of my case... I can’t talk about the details until all of this is over," Jorge stated, adding that, "Anfisa's green card will not be affected by what happened. She's not going anywhere as long as she's on my watch."

Hmm, sounds like Jorge does not want to let Anfisa escape so quickly. Still, it appears that Anfisa has been willingly continuing her relationship with Jorge. 

In January of this year, for instance, Anfisa was spotted out with Jorge, cuddling with him as they pursued an outing to go ice skating.

More recently, Anfisa actually posted a video of her and Jorge, seemingly breaking a silence about the status of her relationship with Jorge.


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Anfisa has also shared with her fans on Instagram, that she's been attending college and planning to get her associate's degree. 

She posed outside of a Neiman and Marcus and posted the update:

Thank you all so much for good wishes and positive comments under my last post. I would like to answer some of your questions: I am a full-time student in a community college and I’m planning to get an associate degree and then transfer to university to get bachelor’s. I chose to study business administration. I studied linguistics in Russia previously.  I pay tuition fees, buy books and everything else by myself. I didn’t get any kind of loan or financial aid.

What will be Anfisa and Jorge's next move? We suspect these two will be shilling for their own reality TV show pretty soon...