Sounds Like 'Ready Player One' Is A Very Crowd Pleasing Movie

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The first screening for Steven Spielberg's 'Ready Player One' took place at the SXSW event recently and the first reactions for the film are positive at the moment.

It sounds like we could be looking at a new blockbuster franchise if word of mouth is really good.

Movie and video game reviewer Joe Vargas (Angry Joe) went on Twitter and his reactions are very positive so far. You can read his comments about the film posted down below. 

"What a fantastic love letter to games and pop culture from Mr. Spielberg! An awesome book is now an awesome film! Every gamer should see Ready Player One. Super fun, extremely satisfying and offers a ton of new things even for book readers! Non-spoiler Review to follow soon. Then  a spoiler review AFTER the film releases as Mr. Spielberg asked us personally to hold those so as not to ruin some of the really (big and satisfying) surprises for first time watchers and I totally agree."

It's great to see that Spielberg has still added a few new things for even readers of the book to see in the film.

There is some type of big hype surrounding Ready Player One thanks to the many pop culture references that it includes such as from famous movies and video games.

Heroic Hollywood posted even more reactions from critics and the majority of them so far share the same opinion as Joe Vargas.

They all say that the movie it's a fun film that geeks will love thanks to the many Easter Eggs and references that have been chucked in.

Only a few members that have seen it thought negatively of it. Their reactions aren't so detailed at the moment, but it sounds like the script suffers from making you care about the main story and its characters. 

Full reviews won't be posted until later this month so we will have to wait and see what the Rotten Tomatoes rating will be. Ready Player One is released in North America on March 29th, 2018. 

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