Dragon Ball Super Episode 105 Review/Recap: Master Roshi Fights His Urges

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The last episode of Dragon Ball Super was epic because we got to see the team of Hit and Goku working together to face members of Universe 11.

Episode 105 however takes a different route as it focuses on Master Roshi. Has he trained hard enough to restrain himself?

The episode starts off with Master Roshi walking around the arena. It seems as if he wants to face some competition, although several other fighters are already occupied.

That is until a young green girl named Caway comes up to attack him. She can use her energy to form weapons in her hands.

Master Roshi says he has observed most of the fighters in the tournament so far and know how they fight. Roshi says he would rather not fight this girl. Caway doesn't back down and says she has a specialty.

That specialty is seduction. Krillin thinks Roshi has fought the urge of seduction, BUT it seems as if the old Roshi is back. He cannot hold back his desires. Even the Old Kai on the sidelines if getting excited.

Caway calls Roshi a "dirty old man" and tries to impale him with a spear. Roshi manages to snap out of his urges and blocks the spear attempt.

Roshi powers up to try and scare Caway away. Caway gets scared and runs away out of the ring. She eliminates herself....

Roshi isn't allowed to take a break because another female fighter confronts him. This female fighter is like a witch because she has a lot of techniques up her sleeves.

She is described as Universe 4's Talisman user. She manages to use illusions and other techniques to trick her opponents. She manages to get Roshi into a spot and it seems as if he cannot walk any further.

Roshi is not worried because he has a technique of his own that can defeat her. He says he's prepared for tricks and he does the Mafuba (Evil Containment Wave) technique on her.

You may remember that this technique was used earlier in Dragon Ball Super by Future Trunks. He used it to contain Zamasu. Roshi manages to contain her and he throws the jar out of the ring.

Universe 4's Quitela thinks this is cheating because Roshi used an item. Quitela is in an angry shouting war with Beerus about the rules. The Zen-Ohs give the signal that Roshi's attack was okay to use.

Roshi doesn't get disqualified. Krillin is a little worried that Roshi is getting tired. He had to use so much energy doing the Mafuba.

Universe 4 is not happy and a young man named Ganos comes to try and beat up Roshi to avenge the team. Ganos looks like no slouch because he has a transformation.

His transformation is like a Super Saiyan Duck. He grows out his hair and has a beak for some reason.

Despite the transformation, Ganos' fighting style is slow and predicatable. Roshi is acting like Floyd Mayweather and can dodge all of the attacks. Despite having a lot of strength, Ganos lacks the fighting prowress and experience that Roshi has.

However, Roshi seems to have underestimated Ganos' potential. Ganos is similar to a Saiyan and gets stronger after each fight.

Ganos manages to beat up Roshi pretty bad with several direct hits. Ganos' youth is prevailing over the much older Roshi now.

Roshi knows he has to beat Ganos before he gets stronger. Instead of fighting with strength, he uses something different.

Roshi uses hypnosis to trick Ganos on attacking himself. Ganos however, is strong and survives his own electricity attack. It seems as if Roshi is running out of ideas to beat Ganos!

Roshi then puts all of his energy into one last attack. He delivers the biggest and most powerful Kamehameha wave he can muster. This blast manages to throw Ganos out of the ring. Roshi is without a doubt one of Beerus' favorite fighters.

He managed to eliminate three fighters in a short amount of time.

The episode ends on an emotional note as they tease that Roshi dies due to giving out too much energy in his last attack. Goku uses Instant Transmission and then tries to revive Roshi.

All hopes seems lost, until Roshi opens up his eyes. Roshi is alive after all! Roshi then jokes that he was in the other world for a few seconds looking at some young angels.

Before I watched this episode, I thought it was going to be full of unfunny filler content.

Well it turns out that this episode was pretty good. Instead of just portaying Roshi as a dirty old man all of the time, they managed to showcase Roshi as a masterful and experienced fighter.

This saga has been great so far as it highlights the strengths of many different characters. For a long time, the Dragon Ball series focused too much on raw strength with the side characters not doing much to contribute. Now, we get to see the likes of Roshi and other characters get some much needed limelight.

This episode was much better than expected. Next week on Dragon Ball Super, a sniper from Universe 2 is targeting the fighters from Universe 7. Stay tuned for more of our coverage!

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