The Simpsons Will Be Dropping The Apu Character

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Apu is one of the most beloved characters in The Simpsons as the character owned the Kwik-E-Mart store in Springfield.

Sadly, recently the character has been criticized for showing too many Indian stereotypes. As a result of the negative backlash, the character is now going to be dropped in future seasons of the show.

Producer, Adi Shankar, has now heard from multiple sources that 20th Century Fox will be dropping the Apu character altogether in future seasons of The Simpsons. You can see his comments below as seen in IndieWire.

"I got some disheartening news back, that I’ve verified from multiple sources now: They’re going to drop the Apu character altogether. They aren’t going to make a big deal out of it, or anything like that, but they’ll drop him altogether just to avoid the controversy."

This is really unfortunate mainly because Apu has been a regular and recurring character in the series for the past 3 decades or so.

The character is a favorite for many fans of the show and it's a shame he's just going to be forgotten about.

It would have been cooler if the character had his own episode where he leaves Springfield for good so that he can have a better send off.

Just not mentioning the character exists seems like a lost opportunity in my opinion.

Thankfully, fans of the show can still see Apu in earlier seasons of the show. The Simpsons season 1 to season 10 will always be the best era of the series.

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