'Timeless' Recap: 'The Capture of Benedict Arnold,' Season 1, Episode 10

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Tonight's mission brings the team of NBC's "Timeless" to the very beginning of the country. Revelations will be made and alliances questioned in "The Capture of Benedict Arnold," the tenth episode of the first season.

Lucy, Rufus, and Wyatt are off to the American Revolution when they discover that history has been twisted. Agent Christopher makes a pact with the trio. She feels that this trip will end dubiously for all of them.

Agent Christopher has invited Lucy over to dinner at her house, to have a home cooked meal with her family. She wants Lucy to keep a flashdrive of pictures of her family in the time machine. That way if they are erased she will know that they existed once. Jiya and Rufus are in the middle of a date when Mason shows up at her door. He wants to speak with Rufus.

He's drunk and starts telling Rufus his life story. He warns Rufus that Rittenhouse has figured out that he's been stopping the recordings. He's got one last chance or his family is as risk.

The team learns that Flynn's time machine has landed in the middle of the Revolutionary war. They head straight over to Benedict's house. Washington is already there and he believes they're traitors.

Flynn enters the room. He says he needs their help. He's told Washington that the trio are renowned spies. The general wants them to infiltrate the redcoats in order to capture Benedict.

They agree. Flynn shares the letter he found in the clock.

Arnold was one of the founding members of Rittenhouse and this is the year they started. He bribes them into agreeing with a portion of Lucy's journal and the identity of Wyatt's wife's killer.

In order to gain the trust of the red coats, a group of blue coats chase them to the red coats base. Lucy uses her knowledge of history in order to gain the trust of Arnold. However, he refuses to speak with them alone. Frustrated, Flynn kills all the men, besides Arnold, in the room, including the man who negotiates peace between the British and Napoleon.

They interrogate him about Rittenhouse. Turns out he's just one man, David Rittenhouse.

Flynn uses Arnold's wife as collateral if he doesn't introduce them. Wyatt and Rufus are all for killing Rittenhouse. Lucy is hesitant but eventually agrees with the plan.

On the way, Flynn stops to get some water for the horses. The other three boys go off for a bathroom break. Lucy asks Flynn what his plans are for when the return to the present.

He's going to see his family but only for a moment. He doesn't want to burden them with the man he's become. Rufus must be left behind before they enter Rittenhouse's land.

While waiting for Rittenhouse, they end up speaking with his son. He enlightens them on the creepy rhetoric of his father. He believes that they every day people are just hands of a clock and need a clock maker in order to show them their path.

Rittenhouse has seen right through them and knows they've come to kill him. Rufus arms himself. Using Wyatt's gun, Rittenhouse murder's Benedict Arnold.

Rittenhouse prepares to execute Wyatt and Flynn when Rufus bursts in. With surprise on their side, Flynn and Wyatt are able to take care of the rest of Rittenhouse's men. Flynn kills him but his son has escaped.

Flynn goes after him. He isn't able to kill the boy at first and when turns to try again, Lucy is protecting him. The son is able to escape. Angry, Flynn drags Lucy into his time ship and leaves.

"The Capture of Benedict Arnold" was the midseason finale for "Timeless." It was just the right amount of reveals and questions that'll keep us wondering until it returns.

Find out which side is really the right side in the New Year and catch up on episodes here.

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