Watch: Find Out if Blac Chyna Spits on Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out

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On tonight's episode of Wild'n Out, Nick Cannon invited Blac Chyna on the show, and things got really wild.

The first game the teams played was Takin Spit, where Nick and Blac Chyna each put a glass of water in their mouths, and they had to avoid spitting, while the rest of the teams tried to make them laugh.

You can watch the clip of Blac Chnya below:

In the end, Blac Chyna spit after a joke that her "feet look you've been kickin flour." But Nick Cannon ended up spitting multiple times, losing the game.

At the beginning of the episode of Wild'n Out, Blac Chyna told Nick that nothing was off limits, so there were plenty of Kardashian jokes.

There were also plenty of booty jokes, and in the second game, Chyna's black team made up a rap called 'Double Tap That Ass'.

Blac Chyna also rode a bull during the episode for the Bullspittin' game.

For that game, you must freestyle rap while riding a mechanical bull. But while all of the other guests rapped, she had her teammates rap for her...before she fell off the bull.

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