Charlie Sheen's Ex-Girlfriend Bree Olson Reveals HIV Test on Howard Stern

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The former porn star and ex-girlfriend of Charlie Sheen, Bree Olson revealed the results of her own HIV test, which she immediately had done after finding out that Sheen was HIV positive, on the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show.

Olson (Instagram Page) was a guest on the Stern show and she was very vocal about her time with Sheen and how many times they engaged in sexual activity. She told Stern that she had no idea Sheen was HIV positive until she learned about it like everyone else through TMZ. TMZ broke the story revealing that Sheen would be making the announcement on the Today show.

Olson tweeted that she would be attending the Howard Stern show and used the hashtag #freemeofthis. Olson is a former adult actress but according to her Facebook page, she is pursuing a mainstream Hollywood career.

Sheen did appear on the Today show as reported by TMZ and said that he paid millions in order to keep his HIV status a secret, according to the New York Times.

Sheen said that everyone he had relations with was aware of his status, however, Olson says otherwise.

"'I trusted him.' Olson said, explaining that the two did use protection when they had sex but that Sheen insisted on using lambskin condoms rather than latex condoms," according to the Stern Show.

"[He] never said anything, ever," Olson continued in the interview. "'I'm clean,' he told me."

Olson does not believe that Sheen valued her life but did reveal that she is negative for HIV.

In the interview, Olson was very vocal about being kept in the dark and having to find out like everyone else during Sheen's interview with the Today show.