'Timeless' Recap: 'Space Race,' Season 1, Episode 8

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The crew of NBC's "Timeless" are headed to another pivotal moment in American history. This time they'll have to save the moon landing in "Space Race," the eighth episode of the first season.

Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus are heading to the historic Apollo 11 mission.

Flynn is there trying to write the mission off as a failure and is able to directly influence mission control.

The trio search for an unsung hero with the key to making the mission a success, both for space and history.

Flynn and Anthony do preliminary research on how to get themselves into mission control on the day of the moon landing in the present. They go back to the same place, kill the guy and steal his special badge. After they place a call for a maintenance man. They kill him too.

Lucy tries to complain about her cover but Rufus doesn't have time for that. Anthony is able to retrieve the calculations that are vital to the landing.

He pauses to look through the window of mission control, Rufus spots him. He rushes up their but the damage has already been done. Anthony leaves him with the evidence.

The communication is the only thing that's down. It means that the astronauts can't land and they'll only have six hours. They find the picture of Maria and Wyatt goes looking for her.

Anthony is unconcerned that he's left the case with Rufus because he knows that he doesn't perform well under pressure. Flynn isn't pleased but he's too busy following Maria.

Rufus can't fix the computer but he know someone who can, Katherine Johnson. Wyatt gets a lead that Maria likes to take her kid to the park.

Flynn makes contact with his target. He wants to pick her brain about her work place. He invites her and her son out for ice cream. Rufus shows Katherine the math he believes is needed to save the astronauts.

It's enough to get her to trust him. She clears the room so that she and Rufus can work on fixing the virus.

Lucy goes back to Katherine's office in order to retrieve more punch tape. Wyatt finally catches up to Maria and Flynn.

A cop comes up to Wyatt's car because he's illegally parked. When he spots Wyatt's gun he points his own Lucy gets stopped by the same guy who first asked him for a cup of coffee. Fed up, she gives him a piece of her mind.

The men Katherine sent out have reached mission control and learn they were not in fact summoned. Anthony arrives just as they're about to fix his virus.

He confesses that his motivation for messing with time is to keep Rittenhouse from getting to the time ship. All three are forced to leave when the men come back, leaving Katherine to make sure the program is completed.

When the communication come back on, the men in mission control turn to give Katherine a round of applause. Wyatt is speaking with Maria and they turn to find Flynn crouching over the boy giving him a shot. It's not to kill him though, in fact it's to save him from a bee sting. Back in the present, the trio are allowed to read Flynn's file.

The boy he saved was his half-brother. Lucy and Wyatt are not happy that Flynn got to save his loved one when they haven't been able to.

Lucy goes to see Rufus. She's worried about how he's feeling after taking his first life.

"Space Race" was another time bending episode. "Timeless" keeps presenting interesting alternatives to the history we know. Keep watching Mondays at 10pm and check out clips from the show here.

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