'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After' Season 3, Episode 3: Pao's Shocking Secret

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Chantel and Pedro

This ill-fated couple is still on vacation with Chantel's family. Pedro brought Chantel up to speed with the conversation he had with Chantel's dad and River. Pedro doesn't want to be around Chantel's parents.

Chantel's parents still just don't trust Pedro.

They're also concerned that Pedro keeps sending money back to his family and talk to Chantel about how Pedro may be harvesting the "American dollar." From this conversation, Chantel winds up finding out that her parents are actually launching an investigation against Pedro and his family.

Later, Chantel and her family insist Pedro join them on a wine tasting outing. When Chantel's mother tries to compliment Pedro he gets upset. Pedro decides to confront Chantel's family about not having even exited the van when they visited DR to see his family. Chantel reveals that Chantel's parents were afraid of the coyotes and men with machetes.

Later, shockingly, Pedro announces that he has plans for himself to potentially return to DR. Pedro also wants Chantel to remain in the US since she can earn more money. Chantel is on alert too and feeling paranoid.

The next day, Chantel talks to Pedro about how he said he plans to go to DR. Chantel winds up finding out that Pedro wants to start a business in the DR but she's concerned about his secrecy. 

Nicole and Azan

Nicole wind up finding out that Azan didn't get his visa. So she goes to see a lawyer to see what her options are. Nicole learns that the grounds for refusal of Azan were more insidious such as overstaying a visa or a criminal act. Now, Nicole is concerned that Azan has been lying.

Nicole is really upset on learning everything from the lawyer. Now, she doesn't know when she's going to see him again.

It turns out that Nicole's only option is to go to Morocco and marry Azan, then petition with Azan as her spouse.

Nicole decides to call Azan to tell him what the lawyer said and go over options with him. Shockingly, when Azan hears that one option is for Nicole to go there and get married to him, Azan hedges and tell her they need to think about it.

Nicole has been supporting Azan financially and so for some time, it appears Azan doesn't want things to change. They, things turn in the phone conversation and Azan agrees that getting married in Morocco might be an option.

Later, Nicole tells her mother about her plans, who is shocked and is highly concerned about all of the red flags Azan is putting up. Nicole just doesn't see eye to eye with her mother. 

Nicole also tells her father and stepmother about Azan's denial. Nicole's parents are worried about Nicole's indifference toward why Azan was denied. When her parents find out that she's going to be going to Morocco they are highly concerned. 

David and Annie

David and Annie are still adjusting to David's son being at home with them. They go out for lunch, which Annie is concerned they can't afford. David finds out that Annie has been complaining to her mother which upsets him.

David must also answer Annie's questions about owing her parents the rest of her dowry. David whispers hopes and dreams into Annie's ears.

David has an interview for a job as a consultant but winds up explaining why he's been out of the American workforce for the last 4 years. Sadly, David doesn't wind up getting the job. 

Shockingly, we find out that David's son Jacob was in an accident in which his friend accidentally shot him in the face. David and Annie bring Jacob to visit with Ashley and it's the first time that Annie and Ashley are getting together.

David wanted to take care of Jacob but everyone wanted him to go to Texas to be with his mother since she's a critical care nurse.

Ashley tells David that she wants to get together to discuss their issues. 

Anfisa and Jorge

Anfisa asked Jorge to move back in with her which she knows will be an adjustment but which she wants to do to give their marriage a second chance. When Jorge comes over he looks around suspiciously. Anfisa didn't make much room for Jorge.

Anfisa feels worried about taking Jorge back given how much he hurt her. She has doubts which Jorge interprets as "attitude." Anfisa also made an appointment for counseling.

Later, Anfisa and Jorge go salsa dancing so that she can feel like he's trying. Anfisa and Jorge both feel that the class is a triumph for their sense of connection with each other. 

Molly and Luis

Molly reunites with her friend and business partner to discuss the difficulties with Olivia. Luis will be caring for Kensley while Molly is away on a business trip.

Molly is still concerned about the amount of energy and caring Luis put into parenting.

Molly goes over what Luis needs to do to babysit Kensley. Luis seems surprised when he finds out that he will be caring for Kensley.

Luis's language about taking care of Kensley seems to consistently indicate that he doesn't see himself as the father.

He calls taking care of Kensley "babysitting." On her way to her business trip, Molly calls her mom to see if she can come over and keep her eye on Kensley.

Pao and Russ

It was hard for Pao to see her grandma so sick. Pao and Russ are also planning on seeing her family. When they get together with them, most of her family confronts Pao about how she hasn't visited.

Pao is upset since she has been dealing with a recent miscarriage. Later, Pao's brother John asks to talk to her alone. He tells Pao that he thought Russ forbid her to talk to her family.