Venom Blu-ray And Digital HD Release Date Announced

Sony Pictures has now revealed the official release dates for the Venom Blu-ray and Digital HD iterations.

The most surprising thing is that the movie's home release version will be out only two months after the film came out in cinemas!

It appears Sony wants to take advantage of the Holiday/Christmas season as the Blu-ray version of Venom will be released on December 18th, 2018.

The movie will also be available to buy on DVD and 4K Blu-ray as well. There is no 3D version available though.

As for the Digital HD version of the film, that can be streamed and downloaded on December 11th, 2018. Again, the release dates could encourage more movie studios to accelerate their home releases.

Venom was released in North America on October 5th, 2018 and it set a new October Box Office opening record.

Despite the film getting bad reviews from critics, fans have been loving the movie as it has outgrossed lots of other comic book movies.

As of right now, the movie has made over $822 million at the global Box Office.

The number exceeds the total gross of both The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The total is even higher than that of the popular Wonder Woman movie that came out last year.

In terms of special features, deleted and extended scenes are to be included. The Blu-ray will also include Eminem's 'Venom' music video as well. Check out more in the trailer below.

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