Jillian Barberie On Caitlyn Jenner, Managing Kylie & Kendall & More On Howard Stern

She was considered one of the hottest weather forecasters according to Howard Stern on his SiriusXM show and now Jillian Barberie sat down with Stern to talk about her new show, Caitlyn Jenner, managing Kylie and Kendall Jenner and more.

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Stern started his conversation with Barberie (Instagram) by rehashing her days as a weather forecaster where Stern said she showed a lot of her boobs.

Stern was really commenting on the way she dressed and Barberie told him that the management team hated that she was feminine and told her to dress more conservative.

She was eventually let got when new management came in according to the MarksFriggin transcript.

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"She said that after her divorce she had to hustle," according to the transcript. Barberie and Grant Reynolds split last year and after that it looks like she was really nervous about her future.

"She said that she ended up selling all of her diamonds because she wasn't sure if she'd work again. Now she has 3 jobs. She said she sells stuff on HSN. She also has a radio job on KABC in L.A. right after Dr. Drew. She said she also has 'America's Next Top Weatherman' which starts on TBS soon."

Barberie also revealed that she was offered a Playboy spread four times but turned it down because it wasn't really her brand. Things later transitioned into Barberie recounting her friendship with Caitlyn Jenner (Bruce at the time).

She is however, no longer close with the family and says she has little communication with them.

"Howard asked if she felt used because they were sucking up to her because of that outlet she had," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said that's so manipulated. Jillian said she really enjoyed the time she had with them.

She said things changed when they hosted her baby shower and she showed up looking like a whale.

She said that they had a glam squad there for their family and they were just starting to become what they are now. She said they have done beyond well for themselves."

Barberie told Stern she had an assistant for 10 years and now she's working for Kylie (Instagram) and Kendall Jenner (Instagram) as their manager.

Then came the questions on whether or not Barberie knew that Bruce Jenner was transitioning into Caitlyn (Instagram). Barberie gave a pretty insane account about she and Jenner at dinner where he talked about getting his first face lift at 39.

"She said one night they were skating really late and he was the last one on the ice.

She said he fell on his face and there was blood all over. She said she called his wife and they had a plastic surgeon come to stitch him up," according to the transcript.

Barberie says she was still shocked when she found out that Jenner was making the transition. Barberie hasn't met Caitlyn but raved about how hot she was and how Jenner's team is some of the best makeup artists around.

Barberie also proved to be a big fan of the show as she shared some of her favorite Wack Packers including, Beetlejuice, Sour Shoes, Nick, Eric The Actor and many more.

She also told Stern that she fell even more in love with the show after his History of Howard Stern special.

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