MSNBC Guest: DHS Asking Travelers If They Like Trump Before Letting Them Enter (Watch)

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Today on MSNBC's morning show with Al Sharpton, Sharpton had two guests on discussing Trump's Muslim ban -- and one guest made a shocking claim.

Trita Parsi, of the National Iranian American Council, spoke with Sharpton today and made this assertion: "I've spoken to people who have been let in and I've also spoken to people who have been deported...they were also asked their view on Donald Trump..." Sharpton responded with disbelief, saying, "let's say for example you don't agree with Donald Trump...this is absolutely an outrage on its face on what the United States Constitution" guarantees to people.

Parsi also said that the people to whom he spoke were afraid to respond truthfully about Trump because they were intimidated and were not sure they would be let in it they didn't like him.

Parsi also made the statement on Twitter, and he said that one of the people asked will be speaking out in the media soon.

According to The Independent, two of the people detained were refugees who helped the U.S. military for a decade.

You can watch the video below.

There has been no separate confirmation of Parsi's statement, however, if true this would be a very concerning development. We will continue to follow this question and update this article if there is any additional information.

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