Kanye West Talks Fashion in A Live Interview for Show Studio's In Camera

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While Kanye West may have announced the delay of his album Swish, one thing is for certain and that's his Yeezy Season Two collection with Adidas will be on schedule for this Fall.

West teaming up with Show Studio to talk about the line in a live interview for their In Camera series.

(Video of live stream below)

West went from struggling to get granted the creative opportunity he wanted with Nike, to moving on to Adidas where he was able to design his own line of apparel and sneakers. Since releasing the first Yeezy Season collection, both West and Adidas received mixed reviews.

That being said, his clothing is still a hot commodity among young consumers, despite the heavy price tags on some of the pieces.

"Our next In Camera subject will be the one-and-only Kanye West, a man whose every move is scrutinized and analyzed," reported Show Studio.

"His mind, aesthetic and music remain as misunderstood and complex as they are surveyed. He is both celebrity and enigma.

In October 2015, West will be under the spotlight, answering questions from his peers, fans and friends. Stay tuned for the date of the live stream."

In the interview West said, that he thinks there are people who understand him and others who can see a tsunami or earthquake coming. He continued that other people don't want to embrace it so they use their snobbery as a way to downplay it.

He continued to speak about how he was able to contribute to stopping organizations from bullying creators. West believes that his greatest contribution to music is synthesis, such as bringing Mos Def into the studio with Jay-Z.

One of the biggest answers that many fans may have been waiting for is the one he gave to the question who asked about the availability and the price point on his clothing.

West simple said he's not H&M and he doesn't have big factories. West says that it will take time and he's doing the best he can with an eight person fashion team.

West said that there is nothing to be afraid of and doesn't want to take credit for being too brave. He said it's important for artists to make it their responsibility to give their truth.

Interestingly enough West says that if you're a literal person you may not be able to understand all of his answers.

To make his point, West broke down an answer to the question whats two and three.

It's another pretty enlightening interview and West says that he refers to himself as a visionary and creative genius because if he doesn't he would be called "celebrity," "n****" or "rapper." These statements are just some of the many West used to clarify some of his moves in terms of fashion and music.

As for his presidency, Kanye West confirmed that he will be running for president in 2020. However, when asked what he plans to do if he is elected, West stumbled a bit before answering.

He eventually said that he wants to meet with engineers to find ways to improve the lives of people who don't have the means to live or who feel that their life is not worth living.

In terms of the album Swish, West says he's not sure whether or not the same of the album will change and he wants to make an album that's more commercial.

West said that he went to Qatar to shoot a film with the idea of doing an album that correlates with it.

West said that he is working on some ideas for the footage and said that he's working on bringing Cruel Summer back.

West tweeted an early link to the interview that went live at 8:10 AM. In Camera has featured other celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Bjork. For more information on the In Camera project you can check out their main page.

Watch the live stream of the Kanye West interview for In Camera below.