Check Out A Video Tour Of Hasbro's New Solo: A Star Wars Story Figures From New York Toy Fair

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The New York Toy Fair event is currently on and Hasbro has released many new looks of the figures that it will release for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Aside from the new movie, we will also get several characters and toys from the wider Star Wars universe too.

YouTube channel 'Graig Weich BeyondComics TV' has released a new video that takes a small tour on what Hasbro has to offer in the near future.

The literal biggest toy that could come out in the future is Jabba's Barge from Return of the Jedi.

A prototype model was displayed at the New York Toy Fair event and it's around three feet long and comes Jabba the Hutt too.

Due to the size of the toy, Hasbro is looking to crowd fund the project first in order to see its demand.

The current cost of the Barge is $499.99 and it needs 5000 backers in order to be successful. To read more about the Barge, read the description from Hasbro's official website

 Measuring approximately 4ft long, this vast vehicle is a dream item for any Star Wars collection. Designed to captivate and inspire, The Vintage Collection Jabba's Sail Barge (The Khetanna) features exquisitely detailed, fan accessible decks that complement 3.75-inch figures (not included) allowing fans and collectors to recreate intense battles in the Star Wars saga. Its removable side panels also offer a unique opportunity to pose and set up incredible dioramas. Complete with premium deco, vintage packaging, and soft cloth sails, this dream product offers Star Wars devotees the quality and realism they know and love. Included with the vehicle is Jabba the Hutt (3.75-inch scale figure).

While the Barge won't be out until February 2019, many other Star Wars toys will be released later this year to come out alongside the May release date of Solo: A Star Wars Story. 

The YouTube video below takes a further look at even more toys from the movie both from the 3.75 inch line to the more details 6 inch Black Series line. Even some 12 inch figures look better than previous ones. 

If you are an avid toy collector, 2018 is going to be a very big year in terms of movie licenses.If you want to collect them all, you will need to save up a lot of money!

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