DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 8 Review: Crisis on Earth-X Part 4

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The fourth and final part of the Crisis on Earth-X crossover is finally here with the DC's Legends of Tomorrow portion of the episode.

The action picks up right where the previous episode ended as Stein was shot. He is able to get himself up enough to reach the device that transports the Nazi's out.

Barry and The Ray are still fighting Red Tornado, but The Ray has an idea and gets Barry to throw lightning at him and they are able to take him down.

They are now able to head back to Earth-1 in a portal, but Stein is in critical condition. Jax has to fuse with Stein to make Firestorm so they can go through the portal.

As Thawne is trying to do surgery on Kara on Earth-1, he for some reason can't cut into her. It is revealed that Ray Palmer as the Atom has shown up in shrunken form and is holding back the knife.

Ray knocks out Thawne and him, Kara, Iris, and Felicity are going to escape.

Nate shows up to free the locked up prisoners in the pipeline, while Amaya and Zari show take out some Nazis.

It was fitting that they added the full roster of Legends into this episode since it happened to air in the actual Legends timeslot.

Once everyone is out, we get a fantastic fight sequence of powers against Metallo, where it takes a ton of them to take him out.

This shows how strong Metallo really is, with it taking so many of them to take him out.

Dark Arrow comes to try and take Kara, which leads to Felicity standing in front of her to protect her.

When evil Oliver is about to kill her, the real Oliver shows up with him holding a blade to her throat threatening to kill her if he does not leave.

At this point, Thawne zips in and grabs both Dark Arrow and Overgirl, leaving Oliver and Felicity to reunite here.

Everybody now gets on the Waverider, with Jax unfusing with Stein and getting Gideon to try and save him.

Because of their connection though, Jax is now feeling the affects and starts spitting up blood. Caitlin reveals that the only reason Stein is even still alive is because of his psychic connection between the two.

Following this scene, we get a few reunions that have been long awaited. Barry and Iris finally see each other again here, as well as Kara and Alex. A really funny one here though is when Earth-X Leo Snart goes and talks to Mick.

Mick thinks these are the ghosts again, but Snart reveals they he's from Earth-X. This includes a funny moment where Mick calls him a gangbanger instead of a doppelganger. Snart reveals that Mick died on Earth-X saving cops from a burning building, which makes him sick.

Jax wakes back up, which Caitlin reveals her and Gideon are doing everything they can to save him.

However, she then talks to Ray and reveals that medically speaking, Stein shouldn't even be alive and Jax is basically a human life support machine.

Jax is basically going to die unless he does something to, which does not bode well for them.

Zari and Amaya choose Curtis to come help, where he meets the Ray. From looking at the information they've found, he reveals that Overgirl isn't just dying, but will go supernova when she does.

This is where the episode really starts to get heavy, as we get one of the saddest moments of the entire Arrowverse. Stein talks to Jax and tells him how they are both dying and that Jax has to take the resynthesized liquid from Cisco and Harry to save his life.

Jax says that Stein is asking him to kill him, but he says he is only asking it so Jax can live.

Victor Garber is the most experienced actor on this show and it really shows here.

What really hits hard is when Stein says that Jax has previously said Stein was like his father and "How can a father do anything less?"

I know this scene brought a tear to my eye and the impact on the various characters following makes it even harder. Not only do we see the reactions from Legends of Tomorrow cast members like Sara and Ray, but also characters like Caitlin and Cisco that knew him very well.

This takes it to another level though when Jax leaves the Waverider to go tell Stein's wife and daughter.

As she opens the door, all he says is "I'm sorry." This part near broke my while watching and was just as hard on a rewatch.

This leads to the final showdown, which includes Oliver giving a rousing speech on the Waverider here, showing how he is the leader of this group of heroes.

I also like Sara stepping into the other leader role as well, with them all doing this for Stein.

This kind of felt like The Avengers with Coulson's death in a way, but wasn't just done as a way to push the team together, as they were already working together.

This final fight scene here is phenomenal as we see the group of everybody lining up to fight, including Killer Frost riding in on a wave of ice that was really cool. Everybody gets their moment to shine in this fight, with it being a real job to see the different heroes right alongside each other.

One of the coolest moments was Mr. Terrific throwing one of his orbs with the Atom riding on top of it.

Some of the best fights though were the doppelganger ones between Green Arrow and Dark Arrow, Supergirl and Overgirl, and then also Flash vs. Reverse Flash.

The Supergirl one even had a nice callback to Superman II when she flies up and says "General, would you care to step outside." With Overgirl out of the Nazi Waverider, Killer Frost, Amaya, and Zari fly up into it to shut down the ship's shields.

Cisco breaches in just in time to save them as the real Waverider fires on the Nazi version.

The battle between Flash and Reverse Flash is great, as they dart across the city here.

When Barry has the upper hand and has the opportunity to kill Thawne, Thawne taunts him and how he can't kill people.

Barry for some reason just lets him go, with Thawne saying "I wonder what face I'll be wearing next time we meet." This really made me think that perhaps Reverse Flash could return as the season five villain for The Flash, but that's something we'll have to wait and see.

At this point, Overgirl starts to go supernova, so Supergirl flies her up into space, where she blows up. Earth-X Oliver loses it, saying he's going to kill our Oliver, but he fires an arrow right into his heart, killing him.

Supergirl is still alive even after the explosion, crashing into the Earth, but Nate is there to save her with a neat moment.

He grabs her in his steel form, saying it took a man of steel to catch the Girl of Steel.

With the fight over, the Ray and Snart are set to head back to Earth-X. I love the moment here where this version of Snart had to get a hug from Snart.

As Cisco is about to open the breach, Snart reveals that he is actually going to stay behind for awhile. He promises Ray he'll be back for him, with Ray saying he loves him as he heads back to Earth-X.

Following this is another incredibly sad scene, as we get the funeral for Martin Stein. Jax gives a very heartfelt eulogy that will break your heart just listening to.

We also get a few moments of characters that were close to him dropping dirt on his grave, including Caitlin telling him to tell Ronnie she misses him.

We even get Mick tearing up here, which we all know is uncommon.

Following the funeral, Sara and Alex get a nice goodbye scene where Alex says that Sara put things in perspective for her. She has decided not to go back to Maggie, but to find someone for her.

As Sara leaves, Mick acts her "did you hit that" in typical Mick fashion. Kara and Alex then head back to Earth-38 here, where Barry and Iris reveal they aren't going to have another wedding.

After they leave, Barry and Iris decide they are just going to get married then and there. They ask if Oliver can officiate as mayor, but he mentions someone that he knows can.

Barry runs and gets Diggle, who officiates the wedding here, with his first appearance of the crossover. This leads to a funny moment with Diggle vomited after being superspeeded there.

Before Diggle pronounces them married, Felicity jumps in and asks if he'll marry her and Oliver too.

This did feel fitting as a way for both couples to get married considering the troubles for both of them, though I did think it felt wrong doing this without at least Joe there.

The vows between the couples was really touching though, marking the end of this superb crossover.

The Arrowverse has been elevating the game with each subsequent crossover and Crisis on Earth-X was absolutely amazing. To take this many characters and put them into one event and yet have most everybody get moments to stand out was great, complete with some of the best action you'll ever see on TV. Now I'm just waiting for Warner Bros. to take this and cut it into a true movie for release on Blu-Ray, because I know I would buy that one day one. For now, I can't even imagine where they will take this next year, but I am so excited to see what they have up their sleeves.

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