'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After': Did Danielle Bicker With Her Manager?

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Another day, another fight. We last saw Danielle Mullins on the third installment of "90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Tell-All" extending her conflict with Mohamed and trying to get him to give her money he owed her for lawyer fees.

Yep, the last few minutes of filming were of Danielle trying to chase Mohamed for her money.

Now it appears that Danielle has cut ties with the same manager who helped Mama June lose all of her weight and book her own reality show documenting her transformation.

According to In Touch, Danielle's issue with her manager was a result of being forced to use click bait on her social media.

Danielle reported that she enjoyed connecting with her fans in a more real way and disliked having to take on her manager's recommendations for her social media presence.

However, it appears that the breakup isn't going to keep Danielle from moving forward on her weight loss journey. She's working out more and making sure her fans know all about it.

Here's the interesting question, however: Did Danielle really break up with her manager because of an issue about click bait? It seems that Danielle has a tendency to get into arguments with people unnecessarily and certainly has created quite a bit of drama with Mohamed on the show. Not to mention, it's tough for Danielle to let things go.

She seems to perseverate on issues forever. Case in point, her mission to deport Mohamed. Like Paola told her on the tell-all, "move on!"

We're guessing that there was a lot more that tore Danielle apart from her manager than just click bait, especially considering that making money is a priority for Danielle too.

Why would she give up the opportunity to be on another reality show?! Something doesn't make sense here.

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