Bill Maher on 'Real Time': Our Only Hope Is Male Enlargement Surgery (Watch)

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Last night, on Real Time with Bill Maher Bill Maher celebrated President Donald Trump's second week of office with a segment called "Trump Did What?"

Maher discussed Trump's handling of Holocaust Remembrance Day, saying that Trump thinks other people are hogging the Holocaust.

He also discussed Trump's meeting with black leaders. "Only Trump can take a meeting with black leaders and make it seem like he's oppressed," he said.

Of course, Maher also took time to make fun of the fact that Trump didn't seem to know who Frederick Douglass was. "Someone told Trump Fred Douglass is dead and he said, 'Oh, no! Gang violence?'"

Maher commented that Trump was trying to send a message that he doesn't know what he's doing. "Finally a president had the balls to stand up to our arch enemy Australia."

At the end of the episode, Maher mused: "It's starting to seem like our only hope is penis enlargement surgery."

You can watch the segment here:

Bill Maher Takes on Tomi Lahren on Real Time

On the episode, one of the guests was 'p popping', chugging-contest-loving party-girl-turned-conservative-racist Tomi Lahren.

Maher asked Lahren if she has a problem with Republicans' utter hypocrisy on such issues as executive orders and confirmations.

After conservative Rich Wilson called Trump a "bull--- tornado," Lahren angrily responded "I love the self-righteous conservatives." And like an angry sorority girl, she snapped at the other guests about the elections.

Between bar dancing, taking pictures with naked girls, and talking about guys getting her wet, Lahren also gloated about the electoral map.

You can watch the Overtime portion of Real Time With Bill Maher here:

Bill Maher and Sam Harris Discuss Islam on Real Time

Noted atheist Sam Harris was also on last night's episode. He and Maher discussed religion -- especially Islam -- during the interview segment.

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