Jean Jacket Announces Self-Titled Debut LP

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Jean Jacket, fronted by Harlowe G., has taken the notoriously difficult Miami music scene by storm.

Initially a solo project, the group features a changing lineup of performers alongside the mastermind, including the State Of's Stephanie Taylor, Lauren Suarez, and fellow Miami act Million Young.

Harlowe wrote, composed, and produced the first album over the course of one year in 2012; the laid-back, retro-futuristic sounds create a sonic canvas for an album that is a "marvelously twisted ode to lust, loss, and everything in-between." Harlowe worked on the album at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, alongside his longtime friend and producer, Josh Berg (Earl Sweatshirt/Mac Miller/Tyga), before returning to the sunshine state to debut the self-titled work.

Jean Jacket's live show features not only the surreal, complex melodies and dreamy vocals of Harlowe, but also ambient and glitchy projections that were made specifically for Jean Jacket to coordinate with the intense and immersive sound. Jean Jacket took the Miami scene by storm in early 2013, with performances all over the city; notably shows during The III Points Festival and multiple events during Art Basel, the annual event that combines music, fashion and art to draw some of the biggest names in the world.

Jean Jacket has also played in LA, garnering a faithful, enthusiastic fan base which has fallen under the spell of Harlowe G.'s complex sonic creations.

Jean Jacket continues to develop and expand its following, looking forward to enchanting more and larger crowds of people who appreciate sonically distinct experiences. - via Tell All Your Friends PR.