Posters For 'Attack On Titan' Live Action Film Released

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Posters featuring actors from the live action "Attack on Titan" film have been released.

"Attack on Titan" is arguably the most popular anime in the world. Premiering last year, the show is about a young warrior's effort to stop attacks by behemoths called Titans.

They are humanoid beings that tower over the tallest man made structures. Humans have built walls to protect themselves from the Titans, but one manages to break through the wall of Eren Yeager's village--slaughtering his friends and family.

The anime has a setting reminiscent of medieval culture. But, according to Kotaku, the posters for the live action film have a modern feel.

"Instead, it appears to be set in a more modern post-apocalyptic location," Kotaku stated. "Which would be a pretty drastic change, I guess, but then these costumes are also pretty authentic (RPGs aside) to the source material, so who knows what's going on"

Haruma Miura stars as Eren. He has been active in the film industry since the nineties and has starred in films like Eternal Zero and Tokyo Park.

There have been other recent live-action adaptations of popular anime; Rurouni Kenshin films Kyoto to Inferno and The Legend Ends launched in Japan earlier this year. The films haven't been released in America yet.

The film is set to launch in Japan in 2015. For more about Attack on Titan, visit its official website here.

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