Here's The Trailer For 'All Eyez On Me' Based On Tupac Shakur

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The All Eyez On Me biopic that had a slew of rumors surrounding it went into production and fans have been waiting to get a first look at the finished product.

That first look came yesterday when Lionsgate Movies released the official trailer for the film.

The trailer begins in chronological order showing Shakur's early days as a child, his inspiration from his step dad and then towards his meeting with Biggie Smalls.

It even follows Shakur through jail and his rise coming out.

You can hear Demetrius Shipp Jr., the actor responsible for playing Shakur in the film, state that you have to enter someone's world in order to bring them out of it.

That was the explanation for all of the negativity that was surrounding his music. His signing with Deathrow Records is featured and so is the conflict with The Notorious B.I.G. The film also stars Jamal Woolard, Kat Graham, Danai Gurira and many more. All Eyez On Me is set to release on June 16, however, you can preview the highly anticipated film in the video below.

Here's The Trailer For 'All Eyez On Me' Based On Tupac Shakur