Real World Seattle 'Bad Blood' Episode 10 Recap: Pregnant?!?!

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Tonight was the tenth episode of MTV Real World Seattle: Bad Blood. After Theo left the house in the last episode, this episode begins with a more relaxed tone.

Jennifer, Robbie, and Jordan are planning for Peter's birthday. At the same time, Anna and Katrina are in a big fight over brunch, and they're not talking to each other.

Katrina shares the problems that she has had with Anna, including the time when Anna left her alone for 48 hours at the airport.

The next morning, Anna and Katrina try to talk out their issues. The two decide to see a therapist to mend their relationship.

In the evening, Robbie and Peter go out for drinks, while Jennifer and the rest of the house prepare for Peter's surprise party. When Robbie and Peter return, the rest of the house jumps out and surprises him. They all go out to a bar, except for Orlana and Kassius.

At the bar, Anna and Katrina get into another fight.

The fight spills over into the confession room, where Katrina starts going off on Anna. Jenn and Peter also go into the confession room, and Peter asks Jenn to be his girlfriend; Jenn is very happy about that.

Meanwhile, Tyara and Kim decide to go out for lunch and talk out their issues.

Tyara has had to go to the bathroom several times this morning, and she's a bit concerned that she's pregnant. Still, the two women are able to talk out their issues, and Kim apologizes.

The next scene takes place at a therapy session, where Katrina and Anna talk about their problems.

We find out that their parents had their own issues and didn't try to help them. They end up asking their mom to fly in and try to mediate between them.

In the afternoon, everyone goes on a party cruise. On the cruise, Tyara is throwing up. At the same time, Kassius is dancing with a woman, which makes Orlana jealous.

Jenn starts dancing provocatively, and that upsets Peter. Peter starts yelling at her, the two get into a big fight. But when they return to the house, they try to talk it out, while Jordan tries to calm down Orlana.

At the end of the episode, Tyara takes a pregnancy test and gets a positive, so she decides to go to urgent care. She returns to the house to talk to the producers -- she's pregnant.

She didn't have sex with Theo, so she thinks the baby belongs to her ex.

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