Beetlejuice Talks Vape Pens, Voting for Donald Trump and More With Howard Stern

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While Beetlejuice isn't the most frequent Wack Packer on the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show, he is one of the most popular ones.

Today he returned to talk about his new vape pens, his plans on voting for Donald Trump and plenty more to get the fans going.

Stern jumped right into talking about Beetlejuice's new business with the vape pens and vape oils. Beetlejuice told Stern and the listeners that he use to smoke from a pretty early age, he couldn't decide between age 6 or 13.

Stern was pretty impressed with the vape pen and asked if Beetlejuice had stopped smoking. Beetlejuice told Stern that he is no longer smoking and that he uses the vape pen about once a week.

"Howard said smoke can kill you but can't the vapor kill you? Beetlejuice said no," according to MarksFriggin's rundown.

"He said that people can stop anytime they want to. Howard had him demonstrate the vape pen. Beet did it and he asked if he can taste the flavor."

Stern was able to smell the cherry flavored smoke after the demonstration and that it did smell good. There are also more flavors named after Beetlejuice.

Later on however, it was revealed that Beetlejuice isn't really involved in the vape pens, he is involved with the flavor of the oils used in them.

The conversation somehow switched to Beetlejuice telling Stern about his therapy appointments that he goes to because people think that he's crazy.

Of course, the interview was quite off the walls with Beetlejuice talking about his 30 calorie intake and claiming that he was 60-years-old but his manager says that he's really going to be 48-years-old. in June. Stern then questioned Beetlejuice about his interaction with the cops and calling them a "white n-word." Beetlejuice also reportedly told the cops that he hated them according to MF.

Beetlejuice basically made it seem like he was untouchable when it came to the cops and admitted to smoking weed in front of them without a reaction from the police.

However, like his earlier rant, Beetlejuice's manager had to step in and told a different story. He said that cops actually love Beetlejuice and they get along just fine.

If you were wondering who Beetlejuice plans on voting for, the Wack Packer said that he would be voting for Donald Trump.

He told Stern that he knows Trump on a personal level and that Trump doesn't stand for terrorism.

Stern took the opportunity to ask Beetlejuice if he liked Mexican's ultimately referring to the wall Trump wanted to build at the Mexican border.

With all of the Wack Packers that Stern has lost over the years, most recently Riley Martin and Crackhead Bob, Stern told Beetlejuice that he worries about him and asked him to take care of himself. Towards the end of their conversation.

What an interview it was on the Stern Show today. Do you think that Beetlejuice is the greatest Wack Packer of all time? Let us know in the comments section below.

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