'Arrow' Recap: "Who Are You," Season 5 Episode 10

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The team struggles with the betrayal of a teammate on CW's "Arrow." The return of an old friend provides a little happiness in the aftermath.

However, some things are just too good to be true in "Who Are You?" the tenth episode of the fifth season.

Oliver truly believes that Prometheus was correct when they said he was a killer at heart.

He finds hope in the return of Laurel Lance, despite the miraculous way in which she returned. Felicity wants revenge for the death of her boyfriend, Detective Malone, while Diggle must survive life back in prison.

Laurel says that Sara figured out a way to bring her back and that she requested to be dropped off at that exact point in time. For someone who is always suspicious, Oliver believes that as fact.

Felicity arrives and is immediately happy to see her again. She's also bringing the message to Oliver about Diggle. He goes to visit him in jail.

The recruits don't feel right about the party being thrown for Laurel so soon after Malone's death. The party was all a ruse for Felicity to get Laurel's DNA. It matches but she remembers that Laurel has an evil doppleganger.

Before they can confirm it with Cisco, Laurel strikes. Oliver shows up, as he always does, to save them from being killed. Laurel flees.

Prometheus broke evil Laurel out of star labs. In the past, Oliver is being questioned about his choice not to return home. Oliver goes to the DA Adrian to ask for help getting Diggle out of jail. Adrian has also figured out that Green Arrow was manipulated into killing Malone.

He wants to cover the whole thing up. Black Siren calls Oliver asking him to meet her to save her from Prometheus.

He brings the team along with him but orders them not to attack. Felicity orders them to take action if she looks like she's about to double cross them.

The team tries to cover for her but Felicity owns up to ordering the attack. Black Siren plays Oliver so well with a sob story about her past. Rene gets Curtis to open up about his husband leaving. Oliver wants to rehabilitate the Earth-2 Laurel.

Felicity doesn't see that as a possibility. Adrian goes to see Diggle but he's being moved. Black Siren and Felicity exchange some words. The power goes out and she's able to escape.

Adrian is having a little bit of trouble keeping Diggle out of the military's hands. Curtis is trying to create a mobile dampening system so they can take Black Siren's powers away. He and Felicity work on it while the rest of the team searches for Black Siren in a warehouse.

The Green Arrow finds Prometheus but he has to choose fighting him and rescuing Felicity from the siren's attack. He chooses Felicity but it's Mr. Terrific who comes to their rescue.

Adrian tells Diggle to hit him so he can overrule the transfer. Felicity ices her hand after she awesomely decked Black Siren in the face. Oliver shows some new found optimism towards finding Prometheus.

He also wants to find a new Canary. Talia saves Oliver in a flashback. In a bar in the city a girl kicks butt with an ear piercing scream.

"Who Are You?" picked up just where the midseason finale left off. The team of "Arrow" has suffered a large blow again.

Watch them work their way back together in order to fight Prometheus Wednesday nights at 8pm. If you forget some of the more dramatic moments of the last episode, check it out here.

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