Dan Bilzerian Continues To Mourn Jackson Vroman, 'Best Friend' & Former NBA Star

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Yesterday Dan Bilzerian showed that he isn't over the death of "one of his best friends," Jackson Vroman who died in a tragic accident in his California home.

The photo below might showBilzerian's Mercedes G63 AMG or "G-Wagon," however, it was the message in the caption that really meant the most.

"All the big cars, b*tches and bullsh*t in the world won't make you as happy as having one good pal #RIPJax," wrote Bilzerian in the caption of the photo.

Bilzerian is known for being one of Instagram's most famous playboys but this is a new sign of emotion from the professional poker player.

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According to Bilzerian's prior post, Vroman died in a tragic accident in his home. Bilzerian said that Vroman got up to go into his house, tripped on the stairs, hit his head and eventually drowned in his pool.

The 34-year-old former NBA star spent time playing for both the Phoenix Suns and New Orleans Pelicans, during the 2004-2005 NBA season. Vroman was also linked to Justin Bieber as one of his close friends as well.

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Bilzerian was on his "2016 Presidential Campaign Tour," which happened to be a club tour where he appeared some of the biggest parties.

The tour ended in Boston last week and recently Bilzerian released a video from the first stop at Cabana in Toronto.

Good thing about pool parties is what you see is what you get #FatBitchesCanRunButTheyCantHide #Bilzerian16

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