Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Review/Recap: The Final Episode

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Wow what a big ride Dragon Ball Super has been since I first started watching in July 2015. Since that time, I have reviewed it for nearly every week and it was a good addition to the Dragon Ball series. 

I had my doubts about the direction of the series, but episode 131 made me happy about Dragon Ball Super in general.

One character in particular became a new favorite of mine, while the ending itself was very satisfactory and made me appreciate the series a little bit more.

Anyway, episode 131 starts off with Jiren facing off against Android 17 and Frieza. Jiren is not as strong as he used to be, so Frieza and Android 17 are on par with him in terms power and strength. 

Despite that, Jiren is still pretty strong for the two and wants to win to make sure Universe 11 survives. Goku even wakes up to help Android 17 and Frieza take on Jiren. 

Jiren actually gives up and Frieza is about to eliminate him, but Toppo motivates him to keep on fighting. Jiren gets his second wind back and fights back Frieza delivering a lot of devastating blows. 

Knowing that there is no other way to win, Android 17 stands back while Frieza and Goku dive head first into Jiren. The three pretty much fall down away from any debris and all of them eliminate themselves. 

This means the overall winner of the Tournament of Power is none other than Android 17! This is a result I really liked mainly because it wasn't predictable. Not to mention, someone different finally got the big spotlight. 

Frieza was surprisingly not selfish throughout the entire tournament and was actually a team player. You could say he was one of the MVPs of the tournament since he lasted so long and played an important part of the finish.

Sadly, Universe 11 has to be erased leaving Universe 7 to be the only Universe left standing alive. With Android 17 being the final person left, he has the choice to wish for anything using the Super Dragon Balls. 

Thankfully, Android 17 makes the noble and unselfish wish to wish back all of the other universes back.

This is the only wish I wanted to see because it would have been super mean if everyone else was left to be dead forever.

The Grand Priest then reveals the Tournament of Power was a test from the Zen-Ohs to see how unselfish the winning Universe can be.

If the winning person did not wish for all of the universes back, the Zen-Ohs would have erased everybody!

Zen-Oh and his twin were not evil after all. They foresaw the winner of the tournament would (and should) have made the wish for everyone to come back. 

Thanks to Android 17's wish, he instantly became one of my favorite characters. He's changed a lot since we all saw him back in the Android saga when he was a villain. 

Frieza actually has a somewhat happy ending for himself because Whis uses his powers to resurrect him back to the living world. Whis did this because Beerus wanted to thank Frieza for his contribution to the tournament. 

Frieza brings back his army and we might see him pop up again in the future. For now, Goku is waiting to fight him again if he does anything bad which is more than likely to happen. 

After that, the ending sequences seemed pretty rushed. All of the other Universes are happy to be alive and Jiren wants to see Goku once again to reignite their feud. 

In a cool montage, Universe 7 holds a celebration party and Bulma even buys Android 17 the cruise ship he always wanted. Nearly everything is a happy ending until Pan flies and humorously injures Vegeta's face

Vegeta gets angry and he blames Goku for Pan being reckless. The two then both turn Super Saiyan Blue for one final fight. 

We learn Goku cannot turn into Ultra Instinct because he was only able to use that form when he was pushed by Jiren.

Goku and Vegeta have one last fighting pose that calls back to the Saiyan saga and the series ends like that.

To me, the ending of Dragon Ball Super was satisfactory and had an outcome that I wanted to see. I hoped one more episode was made instead of that montage, but at least every character is happy and alive. 

I was surprised that the series did not end on a cliffhanger or tease of any kind though.

We know a new Dragon Ball Super movie is out this December, although this final episode did not show us hints of what it might be about.

Anyway, I'm glad to have watched Dragon Ball Super since July 2015 as it always made me look forward to Sundays. Now we all wait for December to see what the new movie might be about!

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