WWE Raw Ratings Drop From Last Week

2021 is ongoing, but the year hasn't been too kind to the WWE Raw ratings. While the ratings for the show were pretty decent last week, this week the viewership dropped well below 2 million viewers.

Last week Raw averaged 1.907 million viewers with an episode just a few weeks after WrestleMania 37. This viewership number was seen as a success as 2 million viewers is the benchmark that the show needs.

Well this week the viewership dropped again. This week's show averaged only 1.774 million viewers.

The first hour drew 1.775 million viewers, then the second hour did 1.830 million viewers but the third hour dropped back down to 1.718 million viewers.

Raw continues to get lower ratings than Smackdown which manages to get over 2 million viewers each Friday on Fox. The highest rated Raw show was the Legends Night that pulled around 2.1 million viewers.

It's unlikely that the Raw ratings will increase unless some big star debuts or returns. WrestleMania 37 has already come and gone and the ratings didn't really spike high that much.

It probably won't be until SummerSlam will we see the ratings increase.

This all depends on the type of programming that WWE is going to dish out to fans. The next PPV called WrestleMania Backlash isn't creating much buzz at the moment.

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