Wanda Sykes Talks Parenting and More On The Ellen Show

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The Ellen Show loves to have their regulars come on as often as possible and this week was no exception. Ellen DeGeneres' guest was Wanda Sykes and the interview was just as hilarious as her past visits to the show.

DeGeneres wished Sykes an early happy birthday and said that Sykes was turning 53. However, Sykes challenged her and said she was actually turning 49, that is, until The Ellen Show rolled past footage of Sykes celebrating her 50th birthday three years ago.

Sykes hilarious responded by calling the clip fake news and joking that DeGeneres should be ashamed of herself.

After the funny President Donald Trump jab, Sykes shared some more thoughts on what is going on in the country. The comedian said that traffic was heavy getting there because she lives in the inner-city.

She said that's where all black people live according to President Trump. She joked they all live in the inner city and everything is all fire and carnage.

Sykes said in one week they have so much to protest. She said it's a genius plan when you look at it because everyone is all spread out. She joked that you needed to stay focus on the issues.

Later on, Skyes also chatted about her kids who found out that she is famous.

She does have twins but said it's even harder now because they are mobile. The hardest thing for her is getting intimate with her wife when she has kids who get up in the middle of the night.

You can hear more from Syke's hilarious interview in The Ellen Show video below.

Wanda Sykes Talks Parenting and More On The Ellen Show