Mac Miller Teases A Surprise Before His Upcoming Album: 'Mac Like You've Never Heard Him Before'

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Recently Mac Miller let out a slew of tweets related to the new music he has coming for fans and even teased a surprise before he drops the album he has been working on.

(Update the album is done click here for the story)

Miller became his own critic and said that the album is "Mac like you've never heard him before." These words come from an artist who doesn't have to explain how he became one of the most successful independent artists in any genre of music.

He then went on to tweet that he has a little something for his fans before the album and according to the emoji's he used, fans can expect some fire from Miller.

Now that there are solid plans in place, all that's left to do is wait for it all to come together. Fans have been waiting quite some time for new material from Miller who has clearly been hard at work.

The fact that he insists that there is so much music that no one has heard yet really puts things in perspective of how hard he has been working over the past year or so.

In fact, it looks like Miller took a little time off to catch some "relaxation in his recent Instagram post.


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Miller has now amassed a whopping 4.74 million followers on Twitter and is just 2,000 away from the one million mark on Instagram.

His fans are dedicated and with a solid discography at such a young age, fans should expect a lot more to come from Mac Miller.