'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After' Season 3 Episode 2: What Anfisa Has to Say About Her WebCam Video

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The season opener of "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After" has already proven to be quite a shocker so we were psyched to find out what happened in this episode.

Will Nicole and Azan be reunited? Will Anfisa and Jorge get back together? Read on to find out what happened.

Nicole and Azan

Nicole's mom continues to be suspicious of Azan and his intentions toward Nicole. Nicole really wants to hear that Azan's visa has been approved so that she can prove to everyone that he's not scamming her. 

Nicole feels she's been waiting forever for an answer about what's going to happen to Azan. Eventually, she gets an email indicating that Azan's visa has been refused.

Nicole is shocked that this happened and is upset and tearful about how she's going to continue the relationship with Azan.

Nicole's mom is secretly pleased that Azan won't be coming to the US and wonders if Azan ruined the process on purpose.

Nicole doesn't doubt Azan but feels bad and worse when her mom starts talking about how she spent so much money on the process.

David and Annie

Annie and David are struggling with money, a fact which Annie cannot forget. Chris is now charging them for rent. To make matters worse,David's son Jacob is moving in with David and Annie.

Annie immediately feels upset because she doesn't get considered in the decision-making around this.

Annie sets a clear boundary about how she intends to have sex only twice a week with David now that his son will be staying with them a few days a week.

Annie has a chance to talk to her mother about how she's hoping to do more in the US. Annie also tells her mother about David's daughter who she points out first got pregnant when she was 16 and "breeds like a rabbit." Annie's mother is only interested in whether David has been saving money for her dowry.

Annie's mother is concerned about her when she starts crying.

Jorge and Anfisa

Jorge admits to being lonely without Anfisa and not caring as much about himself. Jorge did visit a divorce attorney.

Jorge continues to push the fact that he lied about Anfisa being a prostitute.

Hmmm, well if it wasn't true, couldn't Anfisa sue Jorge? Jorge calls Anfisa tells her he misses her but she notes she doesn't want to see him.

Anfisa does agree to meet with Jorge for dinner and for some bizarre reason, Jorge is thrilled.

Anfisa and Jorge meet up for dinner. On screen, Anfisa denies having any knowledge of having starred in a webcam video. Jorge starts off the evening by checking out Anfisa's breasts.

Anfisa is excited about having gotten a car. Jorge feels he needs to take responsibility for his part of the problems in the relationship with Anfisa.

Even though Jorge apologizes for having spread "lies" about Anfisa, Anfisa continues to feel that he plays the part of the victim.

Jorge insists that he'll always have Anfisa's back from this point forward. Anfisa wants to consider couples' therapy which Jorge agrees to. 

Pedro does not want to spend time with Chantel's family since they give him such a hard time. Chantel is hoping the trip will be a different experience since his mother and sister won't be there.

On the way up to the mountains, Chantel already gets irritated with Pedro since she feels his attitude stinks.


Chantel and Pedro

Chantel isn't happy about how awkward things have gotten between her family and Pedro. Chantel and River used to be really closely but lately they haven't talked much because of the distance Pedro put between them. Both Chantel and River have been busy but River feels that Pedro is holding Chantel hostage.

Chantel's parents want her and Pedro to come with them to the Georgia mountains. Chantel is concerned about how much fighting might result if she and Pedro do go on the trip.

Later, Chantel goes to the gym to find Pedro to ak if he'll go on the family vacation with her parents. Pedro immediately says no considering that he knows how much Chantel's parents pick on him.

Chantel eventually breaks down and commands him to join her and her family since she really wants him to get along with everyone.

At the mountains, Pedro tells Chantel's family that he's only there for Chantel and he wants space. 

Pao and Ross

Pao and Ross are both on their way to Columbia. Pao's family is upset that they haven't seen her in 4 years, ever sense she moved away.

Pao isn't pleased that she's back under the worst circumstances but she's glad to see her family. She and Ross stay in a hotel to get some rest then learn what's going on with Pao's grandmother.

Pao makes her way to the hospital to see her grandmother. Their reunion definitely produces tears for Pao. Pao's grandmother hasn't talked for a month but was looking forward to seeing her.. 

Pao does get a chance to show Russ around. Russ is disturbed to hear that Pao used to hang out with bikers and even ride a motorcycle herself.

Pao and Russ meet up with some of Pao's old friends and she has a chance to ride a bike again.

Molly and Luis

Luis feels he tried with Molly's daughters but continues to struggle with the relationship with them. Molly's brother comes over to talk to him and tells him he's disappointed in the way that Luis handled the conflict with Molly. 

Molly is concerned about Olivia's behavior which she feels has been disrespectful. Olivia didn't even come home one night and isn't answering Molly's texts or calls.

Luis has definitely created a rift in Molly's relationship with Olivia. Olivia refuses to come home and is staying at her boyfriend's house.

Olivia has been away from home for 1 week and even though she's 18, Molly is truly concerned. She goes to Olivia's boyfriend's house so she can talk to her.

Olivia says that she has a lot to deal with given that Molly will vent to her about her relationship with Luis and then Olivia feels she has to take that on.

This is the moment when Molly realizes how her relationship with Luis has truly affected Molly.