'How to Get Away With Murder' Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: 'Is Someone Really Dead?'

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Annalise managed to get her job back on ABC's "How to Get Away with Murder." However, she's still got enemies in the courtroom.

The heats closing in on all of them in "Is Someone Really Dead," the sixth episode of the third season.

The cops are starting to look into Wes about the Wallace Mahoney case. The scrutiny of the police unsettles the Keating 5 and Connor lashes out.

Bonnie, Laurel, and Annalise try to figure out what to do about Frank. The case of the week is a veteran with an assault charge.

Michaela calls Asher but he doesn't pick up. She leaves to go to the hospital. Three weeks earlier, Bonnie explains that she only went to see Frank to record his confession. Annalise refuses to use it because he has too much dirt on them. Meggy calls to inform Wes that there are a couple of police officers standing in front of his apartment. He wants to go speak with them but Annalise won't let him.

She believes that Frank gave the cops his name on purpose. Asher is trying to convince Michaela to tell him about her parentage. Connor bursts in as Asher tries to get her to admit that they're more than just sex-buddies.

Wes tells Meggy the fake story he gave the cops to began with. Annalise must promise to change her conduct, in and outside of the courtroom, in order to be allowed to practice again.

Simon finally gets his chance to prove himself to Annalise when he comes up with the PTSD defense. The university president comes in asking after Wes. The rest of the Keating 5 over hear this. Annalise brings them back to her house and lets them all in on the situation.

Bonnie doesn't believe that Frank gave Wes up. Laurel is waiting for her when she leaves but refuses to say anything. In a fit of rage, Laurel calls Frank. What she says spurs him into action.

Michaela, Asher, and Connor boot Laurel from sitting by them. Annalise allows A.D.A. Atwood to get under her skin. She takes lead from Simon. None of her questions go through.

While guilt eating chips in the bathroom, Michaela tells her that their defendant's story was a lie. Annalise confronts him. Connor goes to see Wes in order to make sure he doesn't go to see the police.

Well, really he just wants to make sure that when Wes does go to the police he doesn't mention his name.

Nate pulls up to Annalise while she's leaving the courthouse. He warns her about the police looking for Wes and tells her about his relationship with Atwood.

Simon is looking for Annalise. She's just arrived home. She tells Wes about her lost baby and apologizes for putting him in this situation. Connor is mad that Oliver is going on a date and lying about it. Annalise lets Bonnie back into her graces.

She asks her to call the lawyer for Wes and for help on the current case. Annalise calls Dani to the stand to tell her fake story.

Bonnie brings the file that proves Dani's story is false. Annalise plays like she didn't know at all. Wes breaks up with Meggy when she show up to try and help him.

The A.D.A. gives Annalise's client a plea bargin. She pleads guilty to the crime and to substance abuse. This way she goes to rehab instead of jail. Oliver's date with Thomas is going so well that they're having a little post-date make out. When Oliver mentions them going inside, Thomas declines.

He only sleeps with guys on the first date if he doesn't plan on seeing them again. Guess, Ollie's got a new beau. Asher comes over to brag about getting laid by his made up date.

Michaela sees through him. They talk and both admit their real feeling for each other. Bonnie and Annalise arrive home to find Vince standing outside. Wes has taken the recorder and left the house.

He hasn't gone to the police, though. He went to see Laurel so that she's witness to him destroying it. She tells him she's not in love with Frank anymore. They kiss. Once Wes tells her that he broke up with Meggy, they go at it.

While they're having sex, Annalise and Bonnie are frantically trying to find him. Frank has planted the murder weapon on Mahoney's son, Charles and he heads back to Philadelphia. 3 weeks later, Michaela is frantically looking for Asher.

She finds him partying in his dorm. She asks him if he's seen Connor. He tells her that he and Laurel were called to go see Annalise.

"Is Someone Really Dead" is the third to last episode before the sheet is drawn back and the person beneath is revealed.

With only one more character's life safe, a few more are hanging in the balance. Stay tuned next Thursday at 10pm to find out which "How To Get Away With Murder" member's story hasn't come to an end.

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