The Flash Season 4 Episode 18 Review: 'Lose Yourself'

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The Flash Season 4 has been quite lame and disappointing so far opting for a more campy tone that seems out of place. This is all thanks to the show making Ralph Dibny the second main character of the show. 

I didn't mind some of Ralph Dibny's humor, but most of the time it was cringe worthy. I also did not like the fact that they tried to make him the main character while the others were shafted. 

Well 'Lose Yourself' is finally an episode that made me realize why the show writers spent so much time developing Ralph Dibny.

They were trying to let the audience care for him, but I rarely did especially during last week's horrendous episode.

The purpose of this episode was to find the last metahuman on the bus and his name is Edwin Goss.

Edwin Goss has a special power that allows him to travel between dimensions and this includes the ability to find Clifford DeVoe's hideout.

This episode was far better than last week's debacle as the team worked cohesively as a unit and they stuck with the main story.

Not to mention Dibny became more serious as he had the urge to kill Clifford DeVoe but Barry Allen told him not to break the "no killing" rule.

Well the reason Dibny got so much screen time the entire season was for us to care about him. This is because Clifford DeVoe manages to finally kill all of the bus metahumans and take their powers. 

His plan finally is complete because Ralph Dibny's becomes his last victim. I wouldn't say I was sad to see Dibny die this week, but the show made it feel dramatic. 

I'm just kind of glad that Dibny is gone so The Flash can become like it was in the previous seasons. I was getting sick of Dibny's awkward humor throughout this entire season. 

It's also worth mentioning this is one of the few times that a hero team in a TV show failed in their mission.

Pretty much every character that they vowed to save has now died at the hands of Clifford DeVoe.

The side story this week involved Harrison Wells and his unhealthy use of the Thinking Cap. He's not a bad guy like they teased last week, although the Thinking Cap made him feel like a drug addict getting withdrawal systems. 

Anyway, this week's episode was far better than last week thanks to a more serious tone. Hopefully now the show is better until the end of the season as I was getting sick of the lame humor. 

Clifford DeVoe has some type of plan to strike back at Team Flash so we have to find out later what his plan will be.

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