Maci and Catelynn Reveal Secrets, Including Secret Project, on Teen Mom OG Special

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Tonight, after MTV aired Teen Mom OG, they had a tell-all with Catelynn and Maci as well as their partners.

Noticeably missing was Farrah, who appeared on last week's episode, but refused to interact with the rest of the cast. Amber also did not appear tonight.

The quad revealed some interesting secrets on tonight's tell-all. Here are some of them:

  • Maci, Catelynn, and their guys hang out together more often than they do with many of their friends. Given their locations, and their busy schedules, that's pretty surprising. We knew that they had become close, but this was the first time anyone has said that they were that close.
  • Uh, oh! Bentley is now eight years old -- half the age that Maci was when she got pregnant. At some point, they're going to have to have "the talk" with him. Catelynn, meanwhile -- and Tyler -- have been considering adopting an older child. That would be quite a storyline for Teen Mom.
  • Another thing announced tonight was a new business: Catelynn and Tyler are doing a clothing line (not too surprising, given that basically everyone else has done it). It's unclear who buys that stuff, but apparently there are parents out there who think, "I need to dress my kids like a couple whose qualifications in fashion are that they had a kid in high school."
  • The quad discussed the funniest rumors that they've heard about themselves: Taylor said that he was asked if Maci was in rehab. Catelynn and Tyler said there are always rumors about infidelity, and they're often asked if they're siblings. They seemed really confused by that, but given that Tyler's dad is Catelynn's step-dad, it is a perfectly reasonable question. Note, however, that they are not siblings.

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