The Flash Season 4 Episode 21 Recap/Review: 'Harry and the Harrisons'

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When TV shows have to fill in a quota, you always know there will be a batch of good episodes and also a batch of bad episodes.

Sadly, season 4 of The Flash mirrors the latter as the majority of the season has been pretty bad.

With Ralph Dibny no longer on the show, the recent episodes of The Flash have been good. Ever since Dibny died, the show somewhat recaptured the tone that the series had back in season 1 and season 2.

However, this week's episode called 'Harry and the Harrisons' reverts back to the lame campy humor that ruined most of Season 4.

The council of Harries is back and they are just as unfunny as they were the last time we saw them.

The thing that annoyed me the most is the fact that the council of Harries aren't even that helpful to Harrison Wells who is slowly losing his mind.

It just felt like a huge waste of time since they didn't offer a proper solution in order to get his mind back.

Thankfully, the Harrison Wells storyline was not the main part of this week's episode so I didn't have to suffer seeing them for that long.

That said, this week's main story doesn't really have much in terms of Clifford DeVoe since he did not appear at all in this episode.

Clifford DeVoe is still being sulky after his wife Marlize left him in last week's episode. This week, Team Flash wants to find a way to neutralize DeVoe's satellites that will be launched to make Earth's population dumber.

With Caitlin struggling to get her powers back, she decides Team Flash needs help from their villain pal Amunet Black. Amunet Black has been in hiding at the moment, but the team needs her special shards to destroy DeVoe's satellites.

The problem Amunet Black faces however is that she no longer has access to her shards after she went into hiding. Not to mention her former henchmen Norvok stole most of her supplies.

Team Flash makes a deal with Amunet Black that they will help her get the shards.

As for Amunet Black herself, she promises to help them destroy DeVoe's satellites when they get launched. After all, the whole world will be affected by stupidity if DeVoe's plan goes ahead successfully.

Unlike Ralph Dibny, I don't mind the quirky attitude of Amunet Black. Her sort of humor doesn't feel so campy or forced. Not to mention she doesn't overstay her welcome since she only appears in select episodes.

Anyway to cut a long story short, Amunet Black manages to find Norvok trying to do a business deal with some shady men in an alleyway.

She's not alone in the fight because Caitlin, Joe and The Flash join in on the fight.

The main problem Amunet Black faces is her deadly attitude. She really wants to kill Norvok for backstabbing her, but The Flash does his best to tell her the team's no killing policy.

It's unfortunate that Killer Frost is still dormant in the entire episode, but Caitlin manages to still have an ice gun that comes in handy during the fight.

I'm hoping Killer Frost makes a return in the near future because I miss that character.

The reason Caitlin cannot become Killer Frost could be a placebo effect explains Amunet Black. This seems like a weird answer, but at least it gives me hope that the character could come back eventually.

Back on topic, Amunet Black manages to get her shards back and apprehends Norvok. However, she nearly does not hold up her end of the bargain and starts to run away.

Amunet Black does not really want to help Team Flash, but she gives Caitlin a small piece of her shards that can be used as a bomb to destroy DeVoe's satellites.

After that, she literally flies away to presumably continue being a criminal.

I'm hoping this isn't the last we see of Amunet Black as I feel she could be really helpful to the team when they eventually have to face Clifford DeVoe again.

There's only a few more episodes until the end of Season 4, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

The last thing this episode shows is that Iris manages to publish an article online that exposes Clifford DeVoe and his evil plans.

This is in order to get more clues to where he is and get further help from the community.

Overall though, this week's episode was really weak and did not really further the storyline against DeVoe. Not to mention the entire subplot involving Harrison Wells went absolutely nowhere and felt like a waste of time.

Let's hope the rest of Season 4 is not like this week's episode.

I'm kind of getting bored of the lame attempts of humor this entire season. Season 5 better stray away from Season 4's tone and recapture the magic of the first two seasons instead.

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