'90 Day Fiance' What Now Episode 1 Recap: Why Is Aleksandra and Josh's Daughter Blurred?

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Tonight, TLC aired a 90 Day Fiance where-are-they-now episode. Although we've covered most of these couples and where they are now in past articles, we've decided to recap the special...so here is our recap:

Alan and Kirlyam

Kirlyam is just 24 years old and she and Alan have been married for a few years now. Kirlyam is now 16 weeks pregnant with a baby boy that she and Alan are planning to call Liam.

Matt and Alla

Matt had been married three times before. Alla grabbed Matt's heart from day 1. Alla has a son, Max.

Alla has gotten her green card, her license and is now in cosmetology school. Alla wants to move because she feels that they live in too remote an area. Matt is willing to start looking at houses.

Matt enjoys spending time with Max and having a son. He recognizes that at first, setting limits with Max was tough but now he's adapted.

Patrick, Alla's greatest adversary, comes over and talks to Matt. Now, Matt is beginning to trust Alla though he does question Alla's motives in accumulating material things.

Melanie and Devar

Melanie and Devar have been trying to have a baby. Devar has been training to become a diver for some time now.

Melanie has a son, Hunter, from her first marriage. She and Devar need to move to a larger home to prepare for the baby.

Melanie announces to her sister that she's pregnant. Her sister, Beverly, is concerned about Devar having a job that will take him away from the family for long periods of time.

Josh and Aleksandra

Josh and Aleksandra discuss how they met in Prague when he was on a religious mission. Josh and Aleksandra had a baby and named her Kaya.

Josh is waiting to get into medical school and hopes to become a physician.

In this episode Kaya's face is blurred out and it turns out...but why? It's not clear, but it may be the result of a rumored possible paternity scandal.

Aleksandra doesn't like being in Rexburg. She's had a hard time finding friends even though she's taking online classes and keeping busy.

Narkiya and Lowo

Narkiya and Lowo had a number of problems in their relationship, starting with Lowo lying to Narkiya several times. However, Lowo finally got his K1 visa and arrives to visit Narkiya for his 90 days.

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