GLOW Season 2 Review: Episodes 7 And 8

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GLOW Season 2 has been pretty good so far apart from episode 5, but episode 8 might be the most unique one of the entire season.

This is because episode 8 is 100 percent kayfabe and let's us see the actual GLOW TV series was like back in the day.

Before episode 8 happens however, episode 7 kicks off after the cliffhanger that occurred on episode 6.

In episode 6, Debbie put Ruth in a single leg Boston Crab submission and accidentally breaks Ruth's leg.

Injuring your opponent in a wrestling match is a big no-no and Debbie has to leave with the guilt of injuring her former friend.

What's so cool about the show though is the camaraderie the GLOW cast has with one another as every crew member goes to the hospital with Ruth to see if she's okay.

I always love seeing the entire cast in episodes like this as the side characters are always joyful and funny to watch.

There's even a huge montage in this episode where they try and cheer Ruth up by performing skits and promos.

Sure this episode mostly took place in a hospital, but the cast manages to make this episode fun to watch thanks to their happy personalities.

The last person to actually see Ruth in hospital is the woman that injured her in the first place and that's Debbie.

Debbie still feels guilty about what she's done, and Ruth suspects that she may have injured her on purpose.

The two actually get into a heated argument and the whole hospital hears what they have to say.

It's actually a really powerful scene because Ruth is worried she may never get the chance to wrestle again, while Debbie is still annoyed at Ruth for ruining her marriage.

To cut a long story short, the Debbie somewhat apologizes to Ruth and the show goes on. Ruth may not be able to wrestle, but she can still be a part of the show thanks to the backstage storylines.

Actual kayfabe storylines is where episode 8 kicks off as we get to see the GLOW show itself.

They do not break the fourth wall in this episode as everyone stays in character and we get to see some of the crazy storylines that have been made.

The main storyline is Liberty Belle trying to get back her kidnapped daughter from Zoya the evil Russian. Zoya actually has a nicer twin sister that is willing to help Liberty Belle find her daughter.

We even get to see in this episode many of the cast members trying to sing which is cool to see. Some cast members are able to sing much better than the others, but eventually everyone sings along together.

My favorite part of episode 8 though is the fact that we actually get to see uncut and uninterrupted wrestling matches air in their entirety.

As far as I can tell, most of the actresses performed their own stunts on the show and the matches that they presented were funny and entertaining.

The wacky storylines and characters is something I miss about old school wrestling gimmicks. Episode 8 is sure to give wrestling fans from the '80s a nice laugh.

There's not much else to say about episode 8 other than it's the most unique episode ever made in GLOW. Some people will like it, while others may think the direction of the episode to be too campy. I liked the change of pace though as I was getting bored of all the drama that dominated the other episodes in Season 2.

Anyway, there's only two more episodes left for me to watch in GLOW Season 2 and I'm hoping the season can end with a bang.

Hopefully the show also gets renewed for Season 3 as I feel there's tons more things that the show can offer.

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