CM Punk Returns To Pro Wrestling With AEW

CM Punk left the profession of professional wrestling in 2014 after WWE unceremoniously fired him on his wedding day. Well now the popular wrestler is back with the AEW promotion.

CM Punk returned to pro wrestling on the AEW Rampage TV show this Friday. He was the first thing that appeared on the show, and the hometown Chicago crowd went crazy after seeing him.

Punk still has Living Color's 'Cult of Personality' as his theme song since it's licensed music. He used the same theme in WWE and even UFC when he did MMA for two years.

While Punk did not give us reasons why he is back in AEW, it feels like the wrestler is here to stay. He's not going to be in AEW as a part-timer. He is there for the long term.

It's also great to see that he's back as a pro wrestler. His Fox return was kind of underwhelming as he was only a mouth piece. Here in this return, he's actually getting back in the ring.

One of the reasons he's back is to face some of the new talent that AEW has to offer.

Punk challenged Darby Allin for the All Out PPV on September 5th, 2021. The show will also take place in the city of Chicago.

Punk also has new t-shirts and ice cream bars for his arrival. The man still has "Best in the World" as his slogan, and his shirt has the Chicago colors too.

Anyway, it's great to see Punk back inside a wrestling ring. His next appearance for AEW is this coming Wednesday during a new episode of the Dynamite TV show.

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