Tyler Posey Starts Firing Up Fans For Season 5 Of 'Teen Wolf'

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It's only January but Tyler Posey, star of MTV's "Teen Wolf," is already getting fans ready for Season 5 of the show with little hints on Twitter.

In the tweet above Posey makes reference to the moon which plays a vital part in the moonlit setting for "Teen Wolf," not to mention that a full moon is always the highest point of a werewolf's turning period.

The small reference was accompanied by Posey saying that he was "feeling all wolfy," oddly enough this was the same day that reports began circulating about the premiere date for season 5.

"Teen Wolf writer Eric Wallace has announced that season 5 is set to premiere June 2015," reported Hypable.

During a recent interview with those over at the Gecken podcast, Wallace revealed that MTV's supernatural werewolf show would be returning in June of this year.

An exact date has yet to be announced but this was the first confirmation of a summer release."

This has got to be grand news for a fan base of well over a million followers on their Twitter page. The series has literally been one of MTV's most successful roller coaster rides of a show.

The hit show has even brought "Teen Wolf" to Comic Con for a few years in a row since airing.

Teen Wolf Comic-Con 2014 Panel Part 1 (Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Tyler Posey)

Posey's character Scott McCall has been developing into a stronger werewolf over the past four seasons, now, in his next step to becoming fully evolved, how will Scott continue to protect Kira (Arden Cho), Stiles (Dylan O'Brien, Lydia (Holland Roden) and newcomer Liam (Dylan Sprayberry)? Fans will be able to find out when in June as production will begin sometime next month.

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