Brother Husbands' Chad Ferris: All About Amanda Liston's Husband

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Brother Husbands, a show about a woman who is married to two men, will be premiering on TLC this evening. The show centers on a woman named Amanda Liston, who has married two men: Chad Ferris and Jeremy Johnston.

The show will be on after the TLC hit Sister Wives, and while it is about a polyamorous family, the two shows are very different.

While Sister Wives features a very conservative Mormon family, the Brother Husbands family is not at all religious. They are a modern liberal family.

Who is Chad Ferris?

Chad Ferris was the first guy that Amanda Liston married. According to Ashley's Reality Roundup, the two got married on MTV's Engaged and Underage in 2007.

Reportedly, Ferris is related to the inventor of the ferris wheel and is a talented hairstylist and musician. The couple has been on several reality TV shows, including TBS' King of the Nerds.

Ferris and Liston have two children together. Liston also has three children with her other husband.

In some situations, Chad Ferris uses Amanda's last name and goes by Chad Liston. Many online have questioned whether he was gay, so in a comment to Starcasm, Ferris discussed the personal details of his sexuality:

I am bisexual. Jeremy is straight. To clear up the confusion. We are all emotionally committed and connected. But I only have a sexual relationship with amanda, and jeremy and Amanda's is there own as well.

Ferris says that Amanda Liston is the head of the household while he and Jeremy Johnston take care of the kids. He seems to enjoy showing his lifestyle to the world and clearing up misconceptions.

The family is clearly a young, hipster millennial family. According to Ferris, Amanda Lipton works, and he and Jeremy Johnston take care of the kids. Ferris is a cat lover, and appears to have recently gotten a puppy.

While Ferris takes care of the kids, Liston works as a "book blogger" and makes clothing and costumes. She also has an Etsy store. Together, the famiily is into sci-fi movies and books, and Comic-Con.

Chad Ferris and Amanda Liston were married for several years before they added Jeremy Johnston to the relationship. Based on her statements, it appears that she got married to Johnston around 2015.

There are a lot of questions that are unanswered about Brother Husbands. For example, how did they get married twice in California? And how do they know that Johnston is the father of the 3 youngest kids?

Hopefully, we'll find out tonight.

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