Aziz Ansari Texts Blake Lively on Howard Stern Show

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On the Howard Stern Show Monday morning, Aziz Ansari shared some text messages he had sent to Blake Lively a couple of years ago after they met at an event and exchanged numbers.

His first message was sent April 30, 2011, and he texts her, "Are you going to the Met Ball?" No response. Ansari saw Lively at the Met Ball a couple of days later, there spending time with Karl Lagerfeld.

Ansari sends her a text message that night: "Tell Karl he needs to call me, been too long since we bro'd out." Still no response.

Later that night, he texts Lively again about an after party: "Hopefully this is your number?"

"And that's just like so sad," Ansari told Stern. "'Hopefully this is your number'... now you're questioning the technology."

Lively responded to Ansari the night of the Met Ball, making small talk about Lagerfeld ("Karl was just saying he missed you"), and informing him that she was leaving the party to catch an early flight the next morning.

Ansari replied: "Next time you're in the city, let's get delicious food." But alas, no response.

Ansari sent one more text to Lively was December 17, 2011: "Happy Holidays!" And then there's no response.

Aziz Ansari texted Lively for the first time in 2 1/2 years, live, Monday, October 6, on the Howard Stern Show. He texted: "Read these messages on Howard. Hope that's cool. Doubt you will respond to this."

"It went blue, so it must still be her number," Ansari said.