After 'Still Into You', Ashley Tisdale Hints at More New Music -- Could it be HSM Songs?

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Ashley Tisdale has recently been back in the music scene.

After the failure of her show "Clipped" on TBS, she had been lying low for a while, but resurfaced a few weeks ago with a cover of Paramore's "Still Into You."

Ashley Tisdale and her husband Christopher French did the cover of "Still Into You" and posted it on Youtube, where it recently surpassed 1 million views.

You can watch it below. After passing the million-mark, she told fans that she was releasing it on iTunes yesterday.

But now that "Still Into You" is out on iTunes, she has just made another major announcement:

So Ashley Tisdale is going to be releasing more music on iTunes...

What could that music be? Ashley and her husband have only done one song on her new Youtube channel, so there's nothing specific on the horizon, it appears, However, Ashley has done a lot of songs in the past that people love, not the least of which are the "High School Musical" songs.

Could we be seeing a re-release of her famous HSM duet that she originally did with Lucas Grabeel, "What I've been looking for"? Will she and hubby Christopher be doing the dance number too?

We'll find out soon. Until then, for your listening pleasure, here's "Still Into You":

Photo credit: Ashley Tisdale

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