Samurai Jack Season 5 Episode 3 Review and Recap: XCIV (Watch)

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Tonight, the Samurai Jack final season continues with episode 3.

If you haven't seen episode 1 or 2, check out our review and recap links below. Unlike previous seasons, this season is one complete story -- so you have to know what happened in the previous episode to understand this one.

In this third episode of the season, Samurai Jack is running away from the Daughters of Aku, whom he escaped at the end of episode 2.

Jack is bloodied and weak, and now he's outnumbered. The second episode also featured pictures of a lone wolf being attacked; the wolf returns in this episode.

Samurai Jack Season 5 Episode 3

This episode beings with Samurai Jack floating down the river in a pool of blood.

As we wrote earlier, Jack escaped from the Daughters of Aku with a knife in his flesh. He managed to stay alive by jumping out of the castle and into the river.

Jack climbs ashore and wanders through the woods, dripping blood. He sees visions of his enemies on horseback. Eventually, he finds refuge in a cave. Jack pulls the knife out of his body

Samurai Jack has a vision in the cave. Jack is taunted about the fact that he killed his first human in the last episode (the Daughter of Aku).

We then see the wolf who was torn apart in the last episode. The wolf comes to the cave and stares Jack down.

Jack has a flashback of his childhood. He is with his father and mother.

His father must fight a bunch of assassins. His father tells him "you cannot hide from yourself" -- "the decisions you make are a reflection of who you are."

The wolf returns with food and shares his food with Jack. He licks Jack's wounds, and his own. Jack is able to sleep cuddled up with the wolf. In the morning, however, the wolf wanders off, leaving Jack alone.

Separately, the Daughters of Aku abandon the body of the Daughter Jack killed off, saying "death is failure." They move down the river following Jack's trail of blood. They approach Jack's cave and start searching the forest.

The Daughters, never having seen any living being besides Jack and their trainers, see two deer. The deer nuzzle each other. The Daughters don't understand the deer's loving behavior toward each other -- they only know war.

In the distance, Samurai Jack's voice booms. He says "leave here now, or face your destiny." The Daughters of Aku refuse to leave. A white mist comes over the forest, and Jack starts attacking the Daughters from out of nowhere. They are able to turn the battle around, and they chase after him.

The battle continues, as Jack has to dodge several of the Daughters. He kills several, before being backed against a ledge. Jack loses his weapon, yet he manages to kill the rest by hand.

The episode ends, however, as Jack himself falls into the abyss below the ledge. We don't see what's below.

The epic battle scene in this episode is a reminder of how well done the Samurai Jack animation is.

The irregular camera angles and stop motion shots make the show feel very unique. If you watch only one clip of the show, this is the battle scene that you should watch.

You can watch a clip of Samurai Jack episode 3 below:

Want to see the full episode? Head on over to

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