Samoa Joe Is Back In NXT

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It appears the rumors are true as Samoa Joe is back in WWE just weeks after he was released. He is the first released wrestler in 2021 to be back in the same company that fired him.

The popular wrestler appeared on this week's episode of NXT. He was offered the role of General Manager of NXT, but Samoa Joe declined William Regal's offer. For now, Samoa Joe will be an enforcer for Regal.

In reality, Triple H brought Samoa Joe back as he was upset Vince McMahon let him go two months earlier. Despite being back in WWE via the NXT brand, Joe is still not expected to be wrestling anytime soon.

Joe has been sidelined with injury for quite a while now which is why he was only being a Raw commentator for the past year.

However, Joe is still only 42 years old and there's a chance that he can wrestle in the future again.

It will be interesting to see if any other released wrestlers come back to the WWE in the near future. Reports suggest the WWE writers were upset to hear Aleister Black got released earlier this month too!

I'm hoping Samoa Joe is able to wrestle again as he's a top tier talent.

It's just sad he wasn't able to reach his full potential when he got into the main roster. He was a beast when he was wrestling in NXT a few years ago.

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