Hot Toys Announces New Boba Fett Figure Based On His 'The Empire Strikes Back' Look

Hot Toys previously released a 1/6th scale Boba Fett figurine several months ago based on his appearance in The Return of the Jedi. Well now you can get the character based on his appearance in The Empire Strikes Back.

Hot Toys made the announcement earlier today on its official Facebook page. You can read some of the company's announcement down below.

Based on his appearance in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, the Boba Fett collectible figure features a meticulously crafted Mandalorian helmet and armor with distressed effects, his iconic jetpack, a cape, detailed blasters, and a figure stand!

The biggest highlight of this Deluxe Version is none other than the fact that Boba Fett's Alternate Version armor based on his "movie pre-production" look is realized for the first time on a 1/6th scale collectible figure and exclusively include a range of interchangeable parts such as helmet, jetpack, gauntlets, cape, and a number of gloved hands for fans to display this infamous bounty hunter's stylistic look before his official appearance in Star Wars: The Episode V The Empire Strikes Back! This new Boba Fett 1/6th scale collectible figure by Hot Toys will definitely be a remarkable movie masterpiece for your Star Wars collection!

By clicking on the Facebook link, you can get a closer look at the photo gallery to see just how awesome this toy really looks.

Since the character is a bounty hunter, he will have lots of extra accessories such as weapons, interchangeable hands and more.

As aforementioned, the biggest highlight of this new set is that it includes the alternate version armor so it's slightly different to the previous Boba Fett figures that have been released in the past.

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