DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Helen Hunt

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow has somehow managed to take plots that might seem like filler and make them major parts of the ongoing story of the season.

This episode was yet another case of that as the latest anachronism puts Helen of Troy in the wrong time in "Helen Hunt."

As we saw in the last episode, Jax, Stein, and Ray have been trying to come up with a way to split up the Firestorm duo.

In the process however, we get a hilarious Freaky Friday scenario in this episode, as Jax and Stein end up switching bodies, leaving plenty of room for some very funny moments.

While this is going on, the team has to head back to 1937 Hollywood after the real Helen of Troy has shown up in that time and directors think she is an actress, while instantly falling in love with her and casting her in the role of Helen of Troy.

The actress that gets fired from the role instead is Hedy Lamarr, the iconic actress from the era that Stein adores.

The battle between rival studios with Helen here is pretty funny, as it mirrors the actual Trojan War that was started because of her beauty.

We also see the male Legends outside of Stein enamored with Helen as well, causing them to fight over her as well.

I was a bit disappointed that Sara was not in the mix on this one with her penchant for hooking up with history's most powerful women, but she was not interested at all it didn't appear here.

While trying to get Helen at a big party, it is revealed that Damian Darhk is actually Helen's agent. He tells Sara that the team can leave now and he will spare their lives if they return to their original time and stop going against him.

The Legends refuse to take this offer of course, and the female Legends are able to extract Helen.

She pleads for them not to return her to her time, as she doesn't want to have everyone dying over her again, but then the Waverider shuts down entirely.

It ends up that due to Hedy Lamarr losing role earlier in the movie, she got another job at a phone operator at the studio instead, setting a difference course in motion.

Lamarr was no mere actress though, as she went on do some major scientific work that somehow leads to some technologies on the Waverider, which don't exist anymore if she goes off from that path.

The Legends have to go and talk Hedy Lamarr back into acting, which is done by Stein as Jax.

We get a funny moment where Stein reveals that she was his one free pass from his wife, and he does have a nice connection with her in this episode both earlier at the party and at this point.

He even reveals to her about Firestorm and how they switched bodies eventually.

Darhk ends up attacking with Eleanor, who we learn this episode is actually his daughter. We learn she has the same powers as her dad, which she uses to drain Sara, leaving her unconscious.

Lamarr tells Stein to fuse with Jax as Firestorm and it should return them to their rightful bodies.

This leads to a cool sequence where Stein gets to be the form used with Firestorm, which returns them to their normal selves after the battle.

Stein even gets a nice moment with Lamarr as himself, where she tells him that she actually preferred older men.

While this was going on, Kuasa goes onto the ship and tries to take Helen.

We get a nice moment here where Kuasa explains to Amaya how she is her granddaughter and everything, before being stabbed by Helen and turning into water and escaping.

The end of the episode then brings one of the best moments by far this season. Zari is instructed to return her back to her time, which Helen once again pleads for her not to do.

Zari sees that the Trojan War and everything happened as it always did even with Helen disappearing part the way through, so she returns her to her time period, but to another location, Themyscira.

This is the first time we've seen or heard of Themyscira in the Arrowverse, which is the home of Wonder Woman. It is awesome to see that it exists in this world as well.

The main plot of the episode, the body swap between Stein and Jax, was handled very well, with both actors playing the respective characters incredibly well.

Victor Garber especially did a fantastic job with the mannerisms of Jax, while Franz Drameh did a really solid job as well. All of this added up to another fun episode for Legends of Tomorrow this season.

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