Watch Ellen DeGeneres Bring Karla Kardashian Back to Life

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There is no better feeling that being a part of the Kardashian crew right? At least that's what we hear from their long lost family member, Karla. That's right folks, Ellen DeGeneres brought back her Karla Kardashian persona for Halloween and the result was pure fun.

DeGeneres also met some familiar faces including Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian and a Los Angeles Laker. Not the real Los Angeles Laker, Jay Pharoah's rendition of one.

"It's tough to keep up with Karla, but Ellen managed to track down the mom to be, and she brought along a few of her famous relatives for Halloween," commented Ellentube in the description of the video.

This time when we see Karla she is pregnant. It looks like she may be having twins but that doesn't stop her from putting on that skin-tight one piece outfit.

It looks like Karla was unaware of who the father of her baby was, that's why she needed a little help from her "family." So armed with a manila envelope, the ones meant for kept that special top secret information, they got right down to business.

After the results were revealed the hilarity just kept coming in what was probably one of the best Ellen Show bits all year.

We won't spoil it anymore, you can check out how it all went down in The Ellen Show video below.

Watch Ellen DeGeneres Bring Karla Kardashian Back to Life